10 Best Webinar Platforms | Webinar Software for 2022

Webinar Platform

B2B marketing is an essential strategy. Many consumer brands are turning to webinar marketing for their B2C marketing.

Many businesses are now forced to relocate sales meetings and events from person to virtual environments by COVID-19.

Webinars allow you to develop a deeper relationship with your audience and address their concerns – on a larger scale. You can even do it while you sleep with automated webinars.

This post will show you how to create your own webinar strategy using the top webinar marketing platforms.

We will be comparing the pros and cons of each platform. Also, we’ll briefly explain the purpose of each platform. This is all you need to know to help you choose the right webinar platform.


Myexpopro has one of the most popular webinar platforms. They have survived, adapted, and kept up with growing marketing needs.

Myexpopro is a powerful and modern platform that has surpassed many of the other platforms.

Myexpopro, unlike many other webinar platforms, offers live or automated webinars.

Myexpopro allows you to conduct interactive polls throughout your webinar, launch offers with call–to-action buttons and share document handouts live.

MYEXPOPRO features:

  • Register to Stay Registered Series: This allows people to register once for a series of ongoing webinars.
  • Private Chat: Users can send messages to event coordinators privately or to all users via public messaging.
  • Branded registration Page: To maintain consistency with your brand.
  • Live Replays: Automatically replay your webinars to create email lists.
  • Analytics: Insights on your webinar performance.


Myexpopro is designed for marketing teams that want a dedicated webinar tool that allows them to replay the calls and still focus on the live events. We are currently evaluating various webinar platforms.

Myexpopro offers a 50% discount to non-profits or education businesses that are forced to operate online because of coronavirus.

#2: Livestorm

Livestorm has a unique webinar platform that goes beyond being a marketing tool. Livestorm offers more than just the usual marketing tools (automation sequences and automatic replays), but it also has many other features.

Livestorm, for example, can be used to hold meetings and demonstrations for up to 12 people. It integrates with Miro collaboration tools to enhance your team’s virtual meetings.

The platform is beautiful designed with a great user experience, from registration landing pages to live webinars.

It’s not a black box. Livestorm integrates with the most popular marketing tools, such as HubSpot or Salesforce, to allow you to see how your webinars perform.

Features of Livestorm

  • Automated webinars Schedule webinar to be replayed at a set time throughout the day, e.g. Every hour.
  • On Demand Webinars: Tells web users that a webinar is about to begin, and encourages them to sign up right away.
  • Live webinars This is the typical format for a live webinar
  • Polls Talk to live attendees in real-time & give them tests/polls
  • Instant Meetings: Livestorm can also be used to replace Zoom/Google Hangout in your company’s video conference software.
  • Get free training: Access to in-depth resources for creating webinars
  • Analytics: Insights into the performance of your webcast strategy.

Who is Livestorm for?

Based on the features and integrations, I believe Livestorm should be an option to Demio for software and tech companies.

Livestorm, a French-based company, is a great option for organisations that have UK or EU contacts and are required to comply with GDPR.

#3: EverWebinar

Next, we’ll be looking at EverWebinar. This is the platform that Venture Harbour has used historically for its webinars.

Their website is full of infomercial vibes and makes me long for a cuddle in the corner. However, it’s frustratingly not as good as they claim.

EverWebinar was the first to offer an automated “evergreen webinar”, years before it became the norm. EverWebinar allows you to schedule and automate webinars so that they are played at a set time. The software also recreates the live experience for users.

EverWebinar was used to automate webinars at Leadformly, one of our prior ventures. We were very pleased with the results. You can see that our attendance rate for webinars was 39% when we first started using them (using Everwebinar’s sister company WebinarJam). It’s now up to 75-80% since we switched to EverWebinar after testing the scheduling of our webinars.

EverWebinar features:

  • Automate webinars Schedule webinars to replay at a set time throughout the day, e.g. Every hour.
  • Just In-Time Webinars Tells users that a webinar is about to begin, and encourages them to sign up right away.
  • Block nighttime viewing: Keeps your webinar playing through the night, to maintain the illusion of live webinars.
  • Block dates: You can stop your webinar from running on any holiday or date you choose.
  • Auto-detection of time zones: Sets your webinar play times to different time zones automatically so that you don’t have to program them all again.
  • Get free training: Learn how to create webinars using EverWebinar.
  • Integration: EverWebinar was created to create email leads and integrate with email ActiveCampaign and GetResponse as well as MailChimp, MailChimp, and other email marketing platforms.
  • Analytics: Insights into the performance of your webcast strategy.

Just-In-Time Webinars are a great feature that gives people the push they need to sign up for your next screening.

EverWebinar is for whom?

EverWebinar allows you to automate the screening of prerecorded webinars, and make them into a highly efficient lead generation strategy.

#4: WebinarJam

WebinarJam was developed by the same team that EverWebinar, but the emphasis is on live webinar screening. WebinarJam functions more like a traditional webinar platform, but it is only for live events. There’s no scheduling or automation. It works well with EverWebinar and provides a combination platform that is more powerful than the rest.

WebinarJam features

  • Streaming Stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
  • Recording Every webinar can be automatically recorded for EverWebinar.
  • Branded Pages: Personalize your pages to ensure brand consistency
  • Interaction Get involved with viewers using live chat, polls, and a virtual whiteboard.
  • Presentations Add pre-recorded video to your webinars for presentation purposes.
  • Security: Webinar rooms secured by password
  • Analytics: Reporting of your live webinar performance.

WebinarJam’s auto-record feature, in addition to live streaming, is a huge advantage. EverWebinar can be used to replay any webinar you host.

WebinarJam is for whom?

Marketers who wish to stream live webinars and then record them for EverWebinar.

#5: WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja has been used by John-Lee Dumas and BareMetrics, to provide all the details you need in a webinar platform

WebinarNinja integrates with all major CRM systems, offers timed and email notifications. It is made to help you convert your attendees into customers.

WebinarNinja offers a wide range of landing pages to choose from, unlike many webinar software platforms.

WebinarNinja features:

  • Free webinars and paid virtual summits
  • Ad Tracking: Add your Facebook Ad tracking Pixel
  • Hybrid and automated webinars: Create fully-automated replays according to a schedule or combine pre-recorded and live elements.
  • Integrations: Connect with more than 1,000+ apps through Zapier
  • Multiple presenters: You can have one or more presenters
  • Analytics: Reporting of your live webinar performance.

WebinarNinja: Who are they for?

It’s a great choice for businesses and marketers looking for a reliable and modern webinar platform.

WebinarNinja can be used for a smaller webinar with less than 100 participants. However, if you have a virtual summit or are looking to reach a larger audience of over 500 users, I recommend Myexpopro.

Our next option might be a better choice if you have a larger webinar or need very low latency.

#6: WebEx

WebEx offers more than just a webinar platform. It combines a wider variety of features to hold online meetings, events and training sessions. While the pricing is similar, this sets it apart from other tools. You get more features than GoToWebinar, and Demio has a different set of features.

WebEx features

  • Webinars, video conferencing and webinars: You can host a variety of live events, meetings, and training sessions.
  • Chat, brainstorming tools and Interactive whiteboard.
  • File sharing: Allows you to share files and applications for a better workflow.
  • Call Back: Automated calls inviting people for your webinar.

WebEx doesn’t offer a dedicated tool for webinar marketing. WebEx is primarily a video conference suite, but it also supports webinars and other live events. Although it’s a great webinar tool, it is not the best.

What is WebEx for?

Businesses who want to use a powerful, single video communication system that does not include marketing features.

#7: GetResponse

GetResponse not only offers email marketing, but also has decent webinar features. This could be the right platform for you if you are looking for a single platform that offers email marketing, webinar marketing, and basic automation.

Get Response webinar features:

  • Webinar scheduling in a matter of seconds: Choose your dates and times, then create your URLs.
  • YouTube integration Increase your audience through YouTube integration
  • Recordings Record webinars, then download and share them with anyone you wish.
  • Engagement: Get to know your viewers through dynamic presentations, interactive whiteboards, videos, and live chat.
  • Security: SSL encrypted URLs. You can choose to make your webinar open to all or password-protected.
  • Analytics: Reports, analytics and reports on webinar attendance rates and other metrics.

GetResponse has some great webinar features, especially for an email platform and marketing automation tool. Although it isn’t as powerful as some other webinar marketing tools, it wasn’t designed to. It’s an excellent option for general marketing automation with decent webinar features.

Who is GetResponse for?

Marketers who need email, marketing automation, and webinar features in a single platform but not industry-leading tools.

#8: ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting another dedicated webinar tool that offers almost all of the features one would expect. Unfortunately, the automated relay feature is missing. However, you can still record webinars and save them for future sharing.

ClickMeeting features

  • Subaccounts Assign webinar tasks to different members of your team.
  • Customization: Customized invitations, branded webinars, and “waiting rooms”
  • Recordings Record webinars, then download and share them with anyone you wish.
  • Engagement: Get to know your viewers through dynamic presentations, interactive whiteboards, videos, and live chat.
  • Analytics: Analytics provides reports and analytics about your webinar attendance and other metrics.

ClickMeeting is a great webinar tool, with some amazing features that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether they are useful to you depends on your needs, but I don’t think any additional features are necessary. You can decide that.

#9: Livestream

Livestream does not intend to be a webinar platform, but is a system that allows for studio-style live streaming. It is designed to be used with multiple cameras, professional audio equipment, and lighting for high-end productions such as corporate webinars. Livestream does not include any of the features that we have discussed in this article regarding webinar marketing. It provides a platform to stream live productions of the highest standard. You decide how you use it.

Livestream features

  • High-end Production: Livestream is a professional production suite that can be used by film crews or exported to other countries.
  • Advanced Editing: This includes autofades and graphics overlays. Also, images within pictures, green screen, and pictures within pictures.
  • Social media integration: Reach your target audience via Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch.
  • Engage with audiences: With moderated chat feed.
  • Analytics: Insights on viewership and other key metrics for your Livestream productions.

This is not a webinar platform, and it doesn’t have any of the marketing tools we’ve seen. However, you get the highest quality live event production software available.

Who is Livestream for?

Brands that create professional-quality live video content for streaming on online platforms. Optional webinars.

#10: Webinars OnAir

Webinars onAir claims it is a tool that offers “all the webinar features you need” in a platform like this. This is a bold claim, but the tool has many of the key features that we have been searching for and a few more to boast about.

Features of Webinars OnAir:

  • Tracking pixels This new feature allows you to remarket via Google Ads.
  • You can replay your webinar footage and make it permanent.
  • Monetization options: Encourage viewers to convert using pop-up-style product offerings.
  • Engagement: Surveys, polls and chat functions for engaging with your audience.

Webinars OnAir has a much better list of features than any other tool on this list. It still lacks a few key marketing features, and it never feels professional-grade.

Webinars OnAir is for whom?

Brands that need to conduct webinar marketing within a tight budget.

What webinar tool is right for you?

These are not only great platforms, but there are also a few options that can be tailored to specific needs. MYEXPOPRO is a our top choices when we searched for a webinar marketing platform. These two platforms are unmatched in terms of features and ability to host automated/hybrid webinars.

Your specific requirements will determine the right platform for you. You can still take a look at all the options available by trying out some of the free trials.