5 Event Management Questions You Should Be Asking


Being an occasion planner for event management, you ought to be protected with every required thing which is important for terms of accomplishing an occasion. Your entire calendar must be reserved for a minimum of four months straight. As an occasion planner, nothing can unsettle your feathers from taking your event to the subsequent level. In some cases, you’re being interrogated with several questions from your friends, relatives or the other member to whom you’re an efficient assistant.

When the well-intended, the following is the list that comprises questions that people always ask event planners.

What sort of event is this?

The primary question to ask is about the character of the event, and it determines all the answers which are co-related to event management questions. Is that any meeting or a company event or a promotional event? you ought to always realize the pattern of the event, how it’ll be working, how it can benefit you and every single question that strikes your mind while brooding about the whole event.

Where will the event be held?

The location and the venue of the event completely depend upon whether the event is outdoor or indoor. If the event is outdoors, you’ll require a shaded or sheltered area. Some venues may have large shade trees, pavilions, or access to an indoor facility with restrooms. The venue you choose will have an impact on what type of inclement weather plan you provide. If you do have access do shelter, you may not need to set a cancellation policy or rain date. When thinking about the venue, also consider your food plan. Will the food be catered by the venue or by an external company? Are you accommodating any dietary restrictions? If you serve alcohol you’ll need to think about permits depending on your location. What type of tableware will you need if not provided by the venue?

What amenities your venue offers will determine what gaps you need to fill in your plan. It is important to decide exactly what kind of experience you want to give your guests to make these decisions

What kind of event is this?

The primary question to ask is about the nature of the event, as all consequent event management questions will be determined by this answer. Is this a meeting or a corporate event or a promotional event? For this article, let’s assume you’re hosting a promotional event for the launch of a client’s new outdoor recreation gear. There will be a rowboat race across a lake, with a celebratory picnic afterward.

What is exclusive about this event?

If you were an attendee instead of the organizer, what would make you want to attend? What has stood out to you at previous events? Assume your race/picnic has a Wild West-theme where all participants must be in costume. Tie all of the event pieces together by carefully choosing details, like ensuring that all promo materials utilize fonts and imagery from for best costume. This attention to detail brings your event to life and leaves your guests with a lasting impression.

What are the goals of the event?

Focusing on the little decorative touches and fun aspects of the event are both exciting and important, but you need a strong, clear foundation to build upon. Much like building a house, if the foundation isn’t solid and the contractors aren’t all on the same page, all the pretty walls will fall. Communicate regularly with all other people involved in the event to catch problem areas and prevent disaster well in advance. You get the idea.

Remember your SMART (specific, measures, attainable, relevant, time-bound) objectives, and make extensive notes and action plans for each one. Once you have the foundations of your event sorted out, you can start handpicking all the details to round out your event and make it sparkle.