How To Make Your Booth Stand Out At The Next Trade Show


Trade shows in Mumbai are an excellent way for the business to add exposure and meet relevant business clients. Attendees who tend to visit upcoming Trade shows in Mumbai or any Trade fairs around their locality gather at large numbers. They either visit or has a set up their attractive Trade Show booths advertising their products to mass visitors.

At Trade shows and Trade fairs it’s not easy to set yourself apart. Besides you’re competing against hundreds of other brands for attendee engagement.

The time and capital you invest on making up of Trade show booth space should certify that you’re receiving maximum ROI from your time and money spent on booth space and making your booth stand strong amongst others. It is always better to be on the safer side and make sure that your business is the talk town among all other.

Below are a few tips to make out a uniquely designed Trade show booth that creates a unification in front of all the guests.

Precisely Comfort Seating for Trade Show

While a majority of exhibitors will incorporate neutral seating options, take the opportunity to differentiate your brand with colourful soft seating in your next exhibit.

  • Brightly coloured furnishings will draw the attention of every attendee passing by your booth!
  • Bringing confidence and calmness together, seating rooms in bright colours, Classic Blue, provide the perfect pop of colour for a unique Trade booth design. 

Matching With The Trend Of Love For Monochromatic Color Schemes

As we all know that there’s a new trend of loving monochromatic colour schemes which are really eye-catchy and can throw a royal look for your trade booth. They seem to love it and attracts them.

  • We’re seeing many designers and marketers pull off the monochromatic look by using various shades of green, red, blue. Of course, this approach can work with any colour for exhibits to reflect your theme or style.
  • For more personalized booth space, use your brand’s primary colour as the focus of your design.

Grab Attention With Mixed Materials 

Pops of bright colour isn’t the only way to attract guests – accent your next booth space with mixed material furnishings for a fresh and energetic design.

  • Barn wood and some elements of marble will certainly stand out and create a warm and welcoming exhibit. For a more eclectic design, try layering industrial mixed materials with velvet accent pillows.
  • Attendees will appreciate both the comfort and the modernism of the design Taking into consideration with the colour trends and what can attract more attendees should be an important aspect. Connecting guests with unique colours schemes, patterns, abstracts for successful business events for 2020.

Emails In Advance To Attract More Visitors

We should have knowledge of confirming the list of attendees who are expected to visit Upcoming Trade shows. Dropping a well-quoted mail in advance, with the details about the event, location and required details is always the best key work to attract more visitors.

  • We drop emails to all the visitors we want to meet and want to commence B2B communication. Many of them will respond and will have a virtual conversation in your booth regarding your product. This adds up to meeting important business people without wasting time in the event.
  • In fact, we saw so many visitors at our booth using this strategy, our competitors were surprised by our numbers