How to Promote Events on Instagram and Boost Attendance

Events on Instagram

Finding the right channels and ways to reach your audience is key to successful event marketing. Which channel are they most active on and what do they look at when they’re there?

Event coordinators know that Instagram is the best platform to reach their audience. With over 1 Billion active users on Instagram every month, there are good chances you’ll capture a large audience if you spend time creating great posts.

Eventalways has put together a list of strategies to build your event’s visibility on Instagram. They also provide a timeline. This article will show you how to attract people to your event via Instagram. It also demonstrates creative marketing strategies that will make your event stand out from the rest.

Here’s a quick overview of the topics covered in this article.

  • Event Promotion Before Your Event
  • Promotional Event for Your Event
  • Promotion after Your Event

Event Promotion Before Your Event

You have the chance to make your event stand out from your competitors. This is possible by investing in a strong brand and marketing strategy. What is unique about your event? And what can attendees expect from it? You need to have a clear understanding about how your brand will position your event before you start marketing it on Instagram and other social media channels.

After you have established your brand and marketing strategy, it’s time to promote your event via Instagram.

Make a trending hashtag.

It’s true that hashtags are still important on Instagram. However, it can be difficult to find a catchy and unique hashtag for your event. You can create a #hashtag specific to your event as well as specific to volunteers. These two types of hashtags will help you generate buzz before the event. You can use them in every post about the event, so people can click on it to see all the related posts.

Don’t worry if you haven’t thought of your own hashtags. You can create a unique hashtag that stands out for attendees with a little creativity. These are some tips to help you create an event hashtag for your Instagram promotion.

  • The less populated the hashtag, the better. A hashtag that is already crowded is not a good idea. Your content will be lost and your brand could become associated with unsavoury posts from other sources.
  • Keep it simple and easy to remember. You can use your event name and year. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it should be simple enough for attendees to remember. This will allow them to easily use the hashtag in their posts.

Share eye-catching imagery.

High-quality promotional photography is essential for marketing your events on Instagram, which is a visual social network platform. Your Instagram posts should reflect your brand and the experience attendees can expect from attending your event. Your imagery should stand out and get people excited about your event.

Create suspense for an event.

It is crucial to create excitement and anticipation leading up to your event in order to encourage people to purchase tickets. You can build excitement by using Instagram to promote your event. These posts should create buzz online and increase ticket sales by creating fear in people who might miss out.

These are some ideas for teaser posts to help you get started.

  • Share information about your entertainment and speaker line-up. Use this opportunity to show off a preview of your lineup when you book a headliner.
  • Do a lineup countdown. You can generate excitement by posting a series that counts down to the announcement of your event’s talent lineup.

Hosting contests and giveaways can increase engagement.

To make Instagram algorithms work for you, leverage your Instagram followers. Instagram giveaways and contests are a great way to achieve this. To increase engagement on Instagram, plan a variety of giveaways and contests that will be held leading up to your event. This will help you market and sell more tickets.

It is crucial to establish rules for each giveaway or contest you plan to host. This will make sure that your contests are secure and prevent any problems.

Instagram offers many options for organizing giveaways and contests. These are some actions that your followers could take to enter for a chance to win.

  • Share and Like your post
  • Create a related post using your event hashtag.
  • Tag friends and comment on your posts.
  • Follow your Instagram account.
  • Tag your account in an article

Add the RSVP link to your profile.

Include the RSVP link for your event or ticket purchase link in your account profile information and description. These links are crucial to your bottom line. They allow you to capture contact information to market future events via other channels such as email or direct mail. These links will give you insight into your progress towards your goal, as well as any additional steps or investments that may be necessary.

Get volunteers involved.

Volunteers can help increase visibility for your event online. You can get them involved by having their day include sharing your event’s hashtag on Instagram. Each volunteer should be given a number of photos to take and then share them with the hashtag. Use your volunteer management software to remind volunteers and give them a checklist detailing what NOT to do in their posts.

Event Promotion during Your Event

Social media is now an integral part of the event experience for attendees. Many people find that part of the enjoyment of attending events is sharing it on Instagram. You can also promote all the great vendors and performances at your event via your Instagram account. Your attendees will be informed about the amazing activities available and can share content to keep them updated. They may also feel compelled by your posts to share them with their friends and followers.

Use Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is the best way to share what’s happening each day. You can create stories to highlight events or get your followers excited about an act. To ensure attendees have a great experience at your event, an Instagram Story should focus on engaging with them during the event.

You can also use an Instagram Story to promote your vendors’ products, merchandise, or other activities to all of your followers. This will ensure that your event is a success for them.

Get behind-the scenes exclusives.

People love to see what it takes for an event to be a success. You can share engaging content with your story, such as behind-the scenes interviews with talent and teasers about surprise performances. Your followers should be excited to share your stories.

Do not post too much.

When promoting events on Instagram, you want to be careful not to overdo it. It’s not a good idea to frustrate all your followers and discourage them from attending.

Quality content is more important than quantity when you post content to Instagram. You should consider investing in a social-media management tool that will allow you to schedule your posts in order to have complete control over your content strategy.

Promotion after Your Event

There are many post-event marketing opportunities that can help you capture, document and share the success of an event with your followers. Review all of the content that you have captured, and those shared by others. Next, think about how you can make use of it for your marketing efforts after the event. Let’s look at a few ways we can do this.

Posts of Attendees

Recognize your attendees by commenting and sharing their posts. Thank them for attending and participating. You should be able find your posts easily if you have used and shared the hashtag for your personal event hashtag.

Follow-up posts.

After your event is over, don’t stop updating your Instagram account. To collect feedback, you can send thank-you messages and highlight posts. After your event, there is still value in using Instagram. These are some follow-up posts that you can make after your event.

  • Thank You – for Attending – It’s important to announce that your event has ended and to thank everyone who was there. To recap the event for your followers, you might consider creating a highlight reel that highlights the best moments from the event.
  • Final Numbers – Share your success with others by sharing information about final attendance and fundraising totals.
  • Media Attention – Share any media attention you receive during your event.
  • Lessons Learned – Use this opportunity to look at social media posts regarding your events and make comments or suggestions. You should acknowledge the good as well as the bad so that you can learn from other’s experiences.

Get feedback.

Only one way to make your next event even more memorable is to learn how you can improve it. Ask your attendees for feedback. Most of the feedback you receive will be positive. This will create buzz and help to promote the event. Any constructive criticism can help you improve.

To ensure that your survey is as large as possible, create a feedback survey. Post it on Instagram and other marketing channels. After you’ve collected feedback, you can use some of the positive statistics to promote your future fundraisers. As you plan and promote incredible events, any feedback is helpful.


You now have an understanding of how to market your events on Instagram. It’s time for you to plan your event. Don’t overdo it with your Instagram event promotion. The quality of your posts is more important than the quantity.