Setting Up The Event Opportunities And Challenges By 5G


To explain 5G, in simpler words is the 5th generation of mobile networks. Entering 5G, the fifth generation of Wireless networks. It’s set to revolutionize the way the world connects wirelessly.

Living the technological life from 2G to 3G and finally, to 4G, every new generation was faster, more efficient and more comprehensive as well. But 5G will be creating a great hustle in the technological world. With its Fibre-like speeds, 5G has the potential to connect millions with digital products and services, stimulating employment and entrepreneurship.

But the good part is you still have time to get ahead of the curve before it’s too late. To prepare for 5G, companies will have to re-evaluate their business models, considering how next-generation technology will function their day-to-day operations, future processes with such powerful speed of the internet.

1) Internet speed boost and its impact –

5G speed internet will bring more instantaneous communication and a seamless, faster system in the world. Data will flow freely between more people, more places, and more devices at speeds and volumes we haven’t experienced before. 5G will unleash a new wave of entrepreneurs and business developers. The enhanced speed will be able to handle a massive number of interconnected devices all around the world.

2) Pushing the technology to the next level –

Event Technology charts of 2020 show that the dependence of events on technology will rise even further in the next coming years. Event technology will need proper internet infrastructure to reach its full potential.

The technology will reach everywhere with the 5G network.

3) Will, it largely affects? –

5G network is going to change the recent trend forever. Thus, in the future, we will find a greater propensity for live streaming, allowing remote audiences to attend the events right from their places. So far, we have seen social media as a major facilitator of live streaming, which is confined to audio-visuals. 5G will take this process one notch ahead by allowing Virtual reality and augmented reality, making the event far more experimental.

Given the background, every industry is going to be impacted by the lightning speed of the internet and hence networks. Also, there are some industries that are looking up for 5G which will be an early and obvious boon.

4) How to gear up for 5G technology? –

Event planners now must create an effective plan in terms of 5G technology. Even though 5G technology might not be expected to arrive in the market in the next 5years, but till that the number of business companies is making investments and planning for the new speculations regarding 5G technology and we can suggest some few tips to buckle up for the new ultra-fast speed-

  • When the 5G network will enter in India, Event planners will need to take into consideration all the side holders of the business which includes hotel chains and venues. As it is going to impact the entire communication chain of the business events.
  • The fourth industrial revolution is influencing the events at a rapid pace. If your event is still lagging behind in utilizing such technologies, you need to pace up. It will help you make the full use of 5G when it arrives. 
  • The instances of remote event planning will become more frequent. Event planners will need to make up their minds for structural changes. 

5G will move mobile technology a bit forward presenting the bigger opportunities for business management in order to make their mark in the 5G era and simplifies the lives of consumers. 5G will completely transform the industry dynamics from small scale business to corporate companies, as there are hardly any aspects of events untouched by the Internet. So the upcoming technology will surely bring into a wide scope of business and essential capabilities required for the growth of the business. The future is looking bright and lighting fast, thanks to the new model of cellular connectivity that has us impatiently looking forward in coming years or maybe beyond that.