Top 10 Free Event Listing Sites In UK

event listing sites

There are many event listing websites to choose from.

You have amazing services such as which submits your event for free.

These services assume you have an event page or website that visitors can visit. You should definitely give these services a shot if that is the case.

If you are looking for an online ticketing system that allows you to create an event page and act as an event listing website, then we have a list of the top 10 event listing websites in UK.

There are many ticketing platforms that allow you to list your event. We’ve chosen the best ones based upon the following criteria.

  • Event creation. These listing sites allow organizers to create an event page and sell tickets or register RSVPs.
  • Event marketplace – The homepage of these websites presents ticket buyers with a listing of events and/or the option to search, browse and filter events.
  • UK presence – While not all the sites listed below have a UK headquarters, they allow organizers to list UK-based events in their local currency and sell tickets.
  • No upfront fees Organisers don’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs for the event listing websites.

Here are top 10 event listing websites in UK are:

1. WeGotTickets

WeGotTickets began in 2000 as a low-key system for ticketing music events. Since then, the company has expanded to include other types of events and organizers. WeGotTickets is known for its transparent and ethical approach in ticketing.

The homepage features four featured events. You can also search by date, genre and location. Third-party ads are partially supported on WeGotTickets, which may be a little confusing for some visitors.

  • Ticketing Fee: 10% of ticket price (includes payment processing).
  • 16+ years industry experience.

2. Eventalways

Eventalways is a worldwide event site. It is one of the top event listing websites in UK. Eventalways is passionate about encouraging people to explore the world and go further. Eventalways employs advanced AI to display information automatically. Matching events Visitors may be offered services based on their previous preferences. This may allow organizers to get exposure to the right audiences. Eventalways boasts an intuitive and quick process for creating events.

The homepage is intended to show a wide range of events, arranged by budget and theme. Eventalways allows advanced search and filtering, including by date, category and name.

  • A stand-out feature : Smart algorithms that promote events based upon visitor behaviours and interests.

3. Ticketea

Ticketea is headquartered in Spain but has an international presence that allows organisers to host events worldwide. The site has a variety of products that target specific needs such as RFID technology or box office solutions.

Although the site’s homepage is primarily focused on searching as the main event discovery tool for Ticketea, it does display a limited number of events. Only after a search term is entered, visitors can access advanced filtering options.

  • Ticketing Fee: 10% of ticket price No matter what the ticket price, minimum fee is $2.
  • A collection of specialized products that are aimed at event organizers.

4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite, a leader in self-service ticketing, has a strong global presence and caters to many events. Eventbrite integrates with numerous sites and apps to give organizers additional functionality.

It also features a large number of events, and links to the most popular categories. The search-focused homepage is also useful for quick browsing. Eventbrite’s event mix is a little more corporate-oriented than conferences and other events.

  • Ticketing Fee: 4% + PS0.49 with a maximum fee of PS19.95 per TICKET
  • The stand-out feature is Native extensions and integrations to third-party sites and apps.

5. TicketSource

TicketSource was founded in 2004 and is known for its “five star support” which helps organisers get on the platform. The event creator has many options, and a multi-step interface that can be confusing for first-time users. The support team is always available to assist.

The front page is designed primarily for event organizers and does not display any events. However, TicketSource is eligible for inclusion on this event listing site list by the inclusion of a search tool that allows people to search for events.

  • Ticketing Fee: 6.25% using TicketSource payment processing. Minimum transaction PS0.5
  • A stand-out feature is the helpful support that guides people through their setup process.

6. Universe

Universe, a relatively new player in the ticketing industry, was founded in Toronto in 2011 and is currently based in Toronto. The company, which was acquired by Live Nation Entertainment 2015, acts as an event listing and ticketing site. It supports events from many countries, including the UK, and has a simple interface.

The front page offers both a simple search function and a wide selection of featured events by topic and categories. Filtering options can be limited to event category and date.

  • Ticketing Fee: 2% plus PS0.99 per ticket (plus minimum 1.4% + PS0.20 processing fee for credit cards). The fee is limited to PS9.95
  • A stand-out feature: An array of useful tools and integrations that are great for organizers.

7. Bookitbee

Bookitbee, another self-service ticketing website, allows people to sell tickets online and make bookings while also processing payments for them. It is a platform that can be used for any event, regardless of its size.

It is almost exclusively geared towards event organizers. This makes it a poor event marketplace and event discovery tool. has a search bar at the top which pulls up relevant results based on your search query.

  • Ticketing Fee: 3.5% + PlayStation0.5 (plus a minimum of 1.4% + PS0.20 processing fee), with an maximum fee of PS5.50.
  • Highlight: Regular distribution of ticket revenue, rather than waiting until the event is over.

8. Fatsoma

Fatsoma is an alternative to traditional ticketing. It offers basic self-service online ticketing features just like the other event listing platforms. Fatsoma creates a niche for organizers by providing them tools to engage with their followers better and incentivise the sale of tickets.

The front page hides event information behind a location-based search gateway. Visitors must first enter their current location in order to see a list of events nearby. Filters can be limited to date and location.

  • Ticketing Fee: 10% per ticket (includes payment processing).
  • Highlight: Tools to encourage attendees to buy tickets.

9. Ticketline

Ticketline is a primary ticket agent in Europe and has been serving the UK market for over 30 years. Ticketlight, the company’s ticketing product, allows organizers to create their events on their own platform.

The front page is dedicated to listing a wide range of events. You can search by artist, venue, or event. You can also search for tickets by selecting a few categories.

  • Ticketing Fee: Slider scale starting at 5% + PS0.5 (includes payment processing).
  • Highlight: An established market presence in the UK.

10. View Tickets

See Tickets was founded in Nottingham, England in 1990. It started as a record shop selling tickets to concerts. In 2004, the company moved to the internet with the name See Tickets. Although the company welcomes all types of events, it has a particular focus on music, festivals, sport, comedy, lifestyle events, and is open to other types. Although the event creator is text-heavy, it can be difficult to use. However, there are many customization options.

The See Tickets homepage is dedicated to prominently displaying a few key events via large sliders and listing many other events according to category with search and browsing options.

  • Ticketing Fee: Event and Organiser dependent. Usually 10% of the ticket face value.
  • Highlight: Built in fan-to-fan secondary ticket market.