Top Negotiation Mistakes Event Planners Must Avoid


Through the ever-growing Event Industry, event planner tends to make negotiation mistakes by some or other means. Effective negotiation is a must for event planners. Event planners should negotiate with vendors and locations, to clients, employers, event locations to confirming the attendees with a speaker. It is a huge part when it comes to event scheduling. We have come across top negotiation mistakes to avoid by event planners for the next big negotiation.

All the discussions involve some form of negotiation. A right way to negotiate can lead to a great way of planning a successful event.

1. Lacking Confidence

Negotiations can be intimidating. Beginning as an event planner, with effective practice and experience, you can improve skills and confidence to approach required negotiations.

Looking out for many different items it can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, you must approach some conversations with your professional knowledge and skills regarding your negotiation mistakes.

Negotiations comprise of confidence and prove that your ideas and needs are valid. Also, do not forget to hold your ground while carrying complicated negotiations.

2. Understanding negotiation and bargaining

Sometimes people do get confused with understanding negotiation and bargaining. Both are different if understood clearly. Both terms carry their different techniques. Let us first understand what negotiation is. There is Something which is more than the real value is called negotiation. Whereas, bargaining is the negotiation of the given price itself.

Sometimes, negotiation can also be explained as adding value in other ways. Additional valuable services or some of them also follow the barter system. In case of negotiation within the organization, it may simply be about convincing superiors for a new idea or pushing subordinates one notch ahead. Great event organizers think out of the box in recognizing various ways of negotiation.

3. Not demanding much

We should always understand and carry effective negotiation for every event planning. Oftentimes, the power of negotiation is so strong that the items which may seem going out of the hands can still be achieved by productive negotiation.

It is good to ask for more than what you want or need, in order to meet in the middle with the other party.

Many event planners avoid sounding selfish or needy, but professionals in our industry expect you to come in with strong negotiations. Who knows, you may just get a better deal than you had originally planned for!

These tough conversations can assure very well for your event budget. The only way to bring out more is by asking and negotiating for additional values. Great negotiation skills really go a long way in saving you money, gaining these skills early in your career will pay off for many years to come.