Trends And Challenges In Planning Conferences And Corporate Events For 2022

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You can take corporate event planning trends into consideration and create a conference that is a success. Your event will attract attendees based on the experiences they have. Therefore, you should consider what event types and topics are most popular. Potential attendees for corporate events will need to be approved before they can spend corporate money on tickets or participate as an organization representative. Your event must be of real value to attendees and provide knowledge that they can share with their coworkers.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and its effects, will continue to drive many of the trends for this year. Safety and flexibility are key. While there will be other trends in corporate events as the year progresses, here are some popular themes and types of events that you can use to help guide your planning.

You should choose an event format that is comfortable for your attendees

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a number of trends in events and meetings. Although there has been a slow return of in-person events to the mainstream, hybrid and virtual trends are still very popular. Whatever format you choose for your event, make sure you consider who your audience is and what interests them.

The masses still have access to virtual and hybrid events

Although virtual events have been popularized by COVID-19 restrictions many creators have discovered that online events are more accessible than in-person events. Hybrid events are held entirely online. A virtual event can be either in-person or online. Hybrid Events are a new trend in meetings and events. They allow attendees to be comfortable with both in-person and online events.

These are great if you have speakers or panels that can be streamed live to remote audiences. Recording speakers at your corporate events is a smart idea. You can use the video for marketing purposes and may have the technology to stream your event. Eventalways virtual events platform can assist you in hosting or managing a virtual component of your hybrid event.

In-person events bring people together

In-person events are a great option for people who have long desired to be together. You should ensure that your venue is large enough to accommodate any social distancing needs. Also, check to see if any safety regulations or restrictions are in place. It is a good idea to provide hand sanitizer and check vaccination status at the door in order to make your guests feel safe.

Potential attendees will not only be checking if the event is safe but they’ll also be searching for details about events that they missed during the pandemic. Your audience should have the chance to meet and mingle with each other, engage in Q&As, and enjoy food or drink. Your event should be immersive and offer an experience unlike anything you can find online.

A micro event keeps it intimate

A number of micro-events can be a better alternative to a corporate conference. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, smaller events are becoming a popular trend in the events sector. However, there are still certain benefits to hosting such events. Micro-events with one speaker allow attendees to interact with the speaker directly, which is not possible at large events. Micro-events are more interactive and encourage more discussion. This event is great for team-building and workshops.

Themes that will attract attendees

Selling tickets to your corporate event is easier if you choose a theme that interests your target audience. Trending conference themes are clearly influenced not only by current events and the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by social problems that people care about. Consider which theme is most appealing to your attendees.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, wellness and connection

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on our daily lives and work habits. To better support employees, organizations have had to change. This could mean allowing remote work, flexible scheduling or supporting those directly affected by the pandemic. Before the pandemic, wellness was a popular conference theme. Now it is even more important to take care of our loved ones and ourselves. You might consider an event that focuses on helping people manage their living and working lives. Sessions will include sessions on managing work-life balance, flexibility, productivity, dealing and dealing with burnout, as well as other related topics.

Diversity and inclusion at work

Recent events have raised concerns about corporate diversity. Many people and organizations are now looking at how to foster respect and safe work environments. Organise an event to bring together diversity and inclusion professionals, HR professionals, as well as other people who are concerned about healthy corporate cultures.

Use the latest technology in your industry or field

Many companies will be looking for the most cutting-edge technology. Tech conferences are a great choice for corporate events. Allow vendors to showcase new products, and give attendees an opportunity to test the tech. Invite panellists or speakers to discuss the latest technological trends in your industry. Companies who want to be at the forefront of technology will find these types of events attractive.

Attract guests with technology and amenities

Whatever the theme or format of your event, there will be certain things your attendees expect. This will have a huge impact on how they experience it.


Plan ahead to ensure that everyone attends your event leaves a lasting impression. You can provide captions for livestreams and appropriate interpretations for those who are unable to attend in person. Make sure that all attendees can access the in-person venues you choose. It is possible for attendees to not attend your events if they find the event difficult to understand or navigate.

Capabilities for networking

Events are a great way to connect with people. If you host an event online, make sure that the platform has a chat function that allows participants to interact and discuss the event. You might consider creating an app that allows them to connect during and after the event.

Contactless check in

Contactless check-in makes check-in easy and secure. You can send attendees an email with a QR code, or barcode, that they can access on their smartphones. This will eliminate the need for a will-call, and it also means that no one has to keep track of physical tickets.

Sustainable aspects

Your attendees will want to see that you make smart decisions when it comes down to sustainability. Think carefully about what swag you can give away, and how it will be used over and over again. If you are serving food, consider using biodegradable plates and cups. Also, make sure to provide recycling bins. Your eco-conscious guests will appreciate your efforts to make sustainable choices.

Are you ready to plan your next conference?

Marketing corporate events is tough. It is important to consider your audience’s needs and wants in order to stand out and draw people. Conferences are adapting to the changes that have occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes in the industry have influenced many of the trends discussed in this guide. However, they also indicate where the industry is headed.

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