Ways To Network Smarter As A Corporate Event Professional


The corporate event professional’s job itself is to manage all kinds of people as much as it is about logistics. You should also know that having appropriate people in your address book can often make or break an event. Below are some suggestions to show how you can be better and smarter at networking and connecting as a corporate event professional.

Event management is co-related when we talk about people as well as logistics. Having personal as well as a healthy connection with the vendor, understanding him, knowing the owner of a standard venue. All these are the things that can make or break a conference.

One thing which is observed about all event planners is the struggle to make those perfect connection for the event. Getting their foot in the door and forging a personal relationship with the people who will help them further their career.

Get Organised

First, be ready to give a brief elevator pitch about who you are and what you do for the interesting ones. You should be capable of summing up your successful career, expertise, and industry in 30 seconds or less.

Also, be informed while talking about any successful business idol of yours and come equipped with a list of questions you think are worth asking. Carry business cards that you can hand out to people who are particularly interested in educating more about you.

Active Listening

Most people are relatively unskilled at conversation. When they talk to others, they spend most of their time looking inward — thinking about what they’ll say or do next. That’s not how you connect with people.

Work the Room

It can be tempted to spend all your time at an event talking to one person, especially if they’re entertaining. And while you may well forge a great corporate connection with that individual, you’re missing out on a ton of other opportunities. Set a limit for yourself in terms of how long you’ll spend interacting with each person at an event.

Don’t Be Selfish

One of the most common mistakes noticed when it comes to networking is simple selfishness. They forget that networking is about establishing personal relationships. About forging corporate connections with people.

Instead of focusing on what they can do for others, they focus on what others can do for them. Don’t make that mistake — don’t go in with an agenda.

Go in planning to make new corporate contacts. Concentrate more on your networking efforts than on numbers.

Remember to Follow Up

Don’t just take all your business cards and contact details and shove them in a drawer after an event. Put all efforts to follow up with every person you connect with. Send them an email or a text message telling them how much you enjoyed conversation with them, and mention anything else that might have been relevant to your conversation.


Effective networking builds steps towards success as a corporate event professional. The ability to forge quick, genuine connections with people will serve you incredibly well in your career.

Always stay “YOURSELF” in this event world and follow the advice above. You’ll be satisfactorily fine.