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How to Build a High Performance Team in 90 Days
How to Build a High Performance Team in 90 Days

How to Build a High Performance Team in 90 Days

17 Mar 2023 - 20 Mar 2023
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How to Build a High Performance Team in 90 Days

Get your teams act together; you can enjoy our Webinar as an individual manager or as a group! No matter how long you've been managing, this step-by-step guide ensures you'll get the strongest performance possible out of your team in any environment. With strategies presented in manageable daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly timelines, our program covers the full range of workplace issues from outdated systems and company politics to budget cuts and backstabbing.

Why Should You Attend
By participating, you will be able to more effectively:

» Organize your team into one strong, cohesive, high-functioning unit
» Streamline processes to reduce redundant work, save money and ensure that everyone understands their roles
» Deal with troublemakers, underperformers, department rivals, bosses from hell and other personality types
» Improve your team's morale and motivation and watch productivity soar

Would you like your team to perform on all cylinders, like a well-oiled machine? Would it help to significantly improve your team's effectiveness and efficiency? How about legally getting rid of that one troublemaker who is dragging everyone else down? Any issues dealing with your boss? Is it worth 90 minutes of your time to improve your team's morale, motivation and productivity?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then can laugh, listen and learn as Chris DeVany leads us all through those important topics, key questions and answers we all need to be able to address effectively to improve our team members and team's performance!

Areas Covered in the Session
» Managing a team
» Customer service
» Communication
» Facilitating change
» Removing troublemakers
» Managing your boss
» Clashes between two teams
» Managing performance
» Budgeting
» Taking a team from any of three stages to peak performance
» Managing a remote team or teams effectively

Who Will Benefit
» Executives
» Senior Managers
» Managers at all Levels
» Senior Vice President
» Vice President
» Executive Director
» Auditors
» Managing Director
» Regional Vice President
» Area Supervisor
» Manager
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01:00 PM - 10:00 AM (Mar 17, Mar 18, Mar 19, Mar 20) (Business)




The purposes of an organization's human resources are to add value, make the organization more competitive, and help the organization achieve its business objectives. The purposes of HR metrics are to help communicate the value added, demonstrate ...

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