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Leadership Skills for the 21st Century
Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

30 May 2023
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Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

With the globalization of business and many companies outsourcing and off-shoring non-core competencies, the key to sustained corporate growth lies in developing top-notch leadership skills. But how can you obtain those skills when many claim it is a skill you are born with? This unique course teaches the art and science of leadership, and establishes guidelines for differentiating leadership from management.

Why Should You Attend:

The course is ideal for people from all backgrounds and professional levels, from seasoned professionals to those entering the workforce for the first time.

Areas Covered in the Session:

» The course covers the intangibles that make leaders "leaders."
» How to develop skills applicable to the business world, and defines the different types of leader.
» The importance of business etiquette.
» Art of visualization in planning leadership tactics.
» The common attributes of the world's most influential leaders.
» Working in culturally diverse groups.
» The importance of social/professional networking.
» Surviving the politics of work.
» Identifying your company's "power brokers".
» Seeking invaluable mentors and coaches.

Who Will Benefit:

» leadership
» Management
» Directors
» Managers
» Supervisors
» Business Owners
» Business Consultants
» Department Managers
» Senior Leaders
» Staff at all levels
» Anyone who interacts with other people
» HR Professionals
» People Managers
» Leaders
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01:00 PM - 10:00 AM (May 30) (Business)




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