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Mastering The Storm Of Change
Mastering The Storm Of Change

Mastering The Storm Of Change

11 Sep 2023 - 20 Sep 2023
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Mastering The Storm Of Change

The pandemic has caused most of us to adapt to a changing work environment. Many are now working from home but may have to return to the workplace. Meetings have been Zoomed, and then UnZoomed. People must wear masks but then maybe not. Meanwhile, technology never stops changing the way we do business. No one is sure what will happen next.

Regardless of what the future brings, it's sure to include CHANGE - and with CHANGE comes a host of psychological factors that will affect our ability to adapt and make the most of these changing times. This presentation offers insights and actions you can use to best weather these storms of change. Drawing on 30 years of experience in working with organizations going through major changes, Larry Johnson will show you how successfully chart your course through the stormy waters of change.

Why Should You Attend

As always, the only predictable factor in our lives, both at home and at work is that change will happen. This has certainly been the case since Covid 19 and all its variants have arrived. This webinar will give you the tools and insights you can use to weather these storms of change in the healthiest and most productive manner possible.

Areas Covered in the Session

» Adapt to new roles and organizational changes so you stay ahead of the curve
» Stay positive, even when you’re feeling down
» Implement a system to identify and prioritize the things you can change from the things you cannot
» Use prescribed techniques to manage the psychological roller coaster that is a natural part of the change
» Apply a three-step process for selecting your healthiest options in stressful situations
» Redirect the anger they may feel about the change into positive outcomes

Who Will Benefit
» COO's
» CFO's
» VP of Human Resources
» Human Resource Professionals
» Chief Learning Officer
» Directors
» Project Managers
» Operation Managers and Supervisors
» Team Leaders
» Staff Managers and Supervisors
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