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Retaining Employees During the Great Resignation
Retaining Employees During the Great Resignation

Retaining Employees During the Great Resignation

03 Feb 2023 - 08 Feb 2023
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Retaining Employees During the Great Resignation

Everywhere you go there are "NOW HIRING" signs. Some companies are pulling out all stops to attract applicants by posting on billboards, sending emails to anyone stating that an interview has been arranged. Job fairs are everywhere.

These recruitment tactics are the direct result of the "Great Resignation". It’s like you have a big hole in the bottom of your bucket and cannot understand why you keep putting water in it, but it never gets full.

So, what are you doing to retain your current employees?

Surprisingly, it is not all about money. Although low pay can be a factor, people typically stay because they like the work environment. The primary reasons people leave a company a toxic or negative work environment caused by coworkers and bosses. Some employees just get bored with the work and find a more challenging job elsewhere.

Stop the madness and start working to retain employees.

This webinar will review several actions you can take to retain your employees.

Why Should You Attend

You don't need a PhD to figure out the causes of turnover. A negative work environment has an adverse effect on productivity, profitability, morale, absenteeism and turnover. Who wants to work for an abusive and demeaning boss?

Imagine how much more could be accomplished if employees liked coming to work every day. Imagine how your turnover would be lowered if employees trusted their bosses and coworkers.

You should attend this webinar to gain additional information on how to stop the madness described above.

Areas Covered in the Session
» Keeping it Simple
» A Manager’s Basic Role
» Traits of a High-Performance Workplace
» Changing Management Behaviors
» Causes of Turnover
» Action Item for Participants

Who Will Benefit
» Human Resources Professionals
» All Managers
» Supervisors
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The purposes of an organization's human resources are to add value, make the organization more competitive, and help the organization achieve its business objectives. The purposes of HR metrics are to help communicate the value added, demonstrate ...

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