Is It Worthy to Live Stream Your Event on YouTube?

YouTube Live Events

Do you know that millions of content creators go viral after real-time streaming of their video on YouTube? Get ready to know more about how to go live before starting your event in this article.  EventAlways is considered a leading business in the sector of event management services and luxury experiences for individuals and corporate companies to discover upcoming events, Exhibitions and upcoming Conferences worldwide.

The word “YouTube Live stream” is a widely used familiar term that most of us use in our daily lives. It has changed our habit of watching a video into a real-time interactive experience. The advancement of the internet has paved the way for the digital revolution. According to recent research, with more than 500+ hour’s video uploaded every minute, YouTube live stream events are among the most popular mediums for the creator to stand out from the crowd. 

 On the other hand, viewers can attend the event virtually and interact with the video maker. Guess what, every event on the YouTube Channel can be visited for free from your home’s vicinity. Considering the present health emergency across the globe, the importance of real-time video streaming on various social media channels is fantastic. At least a viewer could watch every glimpse of the particular event with the help of technology. Facebook Live has also shot to fame due to the increasing demand for the live streaming of digital content.

It’s the high time to learn more about this YouTube Live and how it can do wonder both in a content creator and a viewer’s life. 

What is YouTube Live?

YouTube video stands for broadcasting a particular video in real-time to your preferred or target audience. Video creators can Livestream events either via desktop or mobile phones. To broadcast the video with the help of your YouTube app from mobile, you must have at least 1,00 followers. While streaming the video, both the video creator and the audience can interact with each other using the live chat option. The most effective part of using YouTube live must be the provision of real-time analytics monitoring. YouTube automatically stores a particular event for up to 12 hours. That particular video will be available in the Video Manager section. So, a video creator can quickly find out the specific event on YouTube Channel.

How to Go Live on YouTube?

There are a few essential criterions as an aspirant YouTuber should keep in mind before going live on YouTube.

  • Once you create a YouTube, make sure that your channel is verified.
  • Before trying out YouTube Live, make sure that your channel does not have any live stream restrictions in the last three months.
  • Enable the live streaming option for your channel to get started with.
  • Those who all are going to use YouTube mobile app, click on the “create a live stream” option.
  • This live stream event helps you share the content with YouTube automatically and can wrap the broadcasting at your preferred time. The most exciting factor is that you can preview the event before going live!
  • Andriod 6.0+, iPhone, and IPad version 8+ can help you stream directly from your mobile device.

The benefits of using YouTube Live

Just like the Facebook, YouTube is undoubtedly such a platform which people prefer to have a look into. The user base of YouTube is growing leaps and bound daily. Live streaming your video on YouTube at free of cost can help you increase follower base.

  • According to Digitell, 30% of the viewers who watch live stream events on YouTube tend to attain the same activity throughout the year.
  • Successful YouTubers who goes ‘live’ frequently on YouTube can quickly drive more ROI.
  • Facebook says viewers spend 3x more time to watch an engaging and interactive and likes to leave comments 10x times more when a video is live.
  • According to Hubspot, 52% of marketers across the globe prefer to create video content as it helps them to gain more ROI. The cost of compelling live videos is one of the most popular choices for them.

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