The 7 Best Event Listing Sites That Let You Reach New Audiences

event listing sites

Event organizers need to increase awareness and interest in their events. This will help you boost your attendance and revenue. It can be difficult to know how to promote your event or find websites that will promote it. Although the internet may theoretically make everyone around the globe reachable, you will need an event listing sites to connect you with your audience.

Eventalways makes it easy to integrate your event with top event listing sites, making it easier to reach new audiences quickly and seamlessly. These platforms can be targeted at people in your network or those looking for information about events. This allows you to target precisely who you want. Eventalways allows you to promote your events across multiple platforms so that you can reach more people.

Let’s find out what these platforms do and how we can promote our events online.

Facebook Events is the #1 event listing site

Facebook is where people can find out about their friends’ lives and what’s happening locally. If you are looking for maximum impact, Facebook Events should be at the top your list of event promotion sites.

The social platform’s powerful targeting capabilities make Facebook Events even more powerful. Facebook algorithms put your events in front the right audience based on things such as geolocation, demographics and interests. Once a user shows interest in your event they will share it with their friends through their Facebook feeds. Your reach will increase exponentially.

How to Promote Events on Social Media Platforms. (Here’s how.)

Facebook Events can be integrated with Eventalways, making it even easier to solve your marketing problems. It offers tools such as the audience builder, which allows you to find ticket buyers who are similar to your previous attendees. Eventalways budget optimizer can help you reallocate your money and maximize your results. Or, take a look at all the ways Eventalways can help you build your brand to get your events noticed.

Website #2 for event listing: Evvnt

Evvnt, an integrated marketing platform and ticketing platform, puts your event’s information before an event-going audience. It aligns each event by location and category with its 4,600+ publishers. This allows for increased exposure of your event. Integrates with Eventalways ticketing software. Evvnt makes selling tickets to your event easy and free of charge. Eventalways events now have the ability to reach up to 120 sites in a single click. This is how you promote your event!

Website #3 for event listing: Spotify

Spotify is a place that everyone knows to be the best for music listening. Spotify is the most popular streaming service for music lovers. It is estimated that 42% of Spotify users discover new artists via Spotify, and 50% of these fans then go on to buy tickets to see these artists live. Spotify has 140 million users around the globe, making it a great tool for promotion of your music events.

Integrating Spotify with an event’s Eventalways Page makes it easy for your fans to find your event. Spotify’s “Concerts” section is located on the “Artist Info page. It displays qualified upcoming events for that particular artist. Live music fans can access your event listing by simply two taps using an in-app browser. You can have concert tickets delivered to your listener’s mailbox within minutes.

YouTube is the #4 event listing site

It is easier than ever for you to find music online. This should also make it easier to find music in concert. Potential gig-goers consume more than a billion hours worth of content each day. Too often, they don’t know when or if the artist will be visiting their area. You can solve their problem by adding one feature to your event and increasing ticket sales.

You can now integrate your Eventalways page and YouTube to create an “On Tour” dropdown shelf directly below the YouTube video. To show upcoming events that are qualified for the artist, expand the display. Music fans can be redirected via an in-app browser to your event listing within a matter of seconds.

Website #5 for event listing: Bandsintown

Bandsintown claims to be the most popular concert discovery app in the entire world. They may be right with more than 60,000,000 concertgoers using the app and more than 2.5 Million music event dates.

Bandsintown Promoter allows you to create customized email campaigns that target your audience based on their music preferences and which artists or bands they are following. You can then hypertarget the right fans by geolocation. Bandsintown Promoter can help you increase attendance and sell more tickets to your concerts, festivals and shows.

Google Events is the #6 event listing sites

Google is another great tool to help increase the reach of your event. Although the company does not have an events website, listing your event on Eventalways will ensure that it appears in search results for related keywords. This can increase interest in your event and generate more revenue.

Website #7 for event listing: Local Sites

Don’t forget about staying local. Local audiences are more likely to attend live events, so it is a smart idea to promote local events. There are many local events listing sites that people use in cities, so it is worth checking out key locations in your area.

The internet is full of all sorts of information and it’s constantly changing. It’s important to keep track of the top websites for promoting events and to know how to promote your event . Eventalways makes it easy to publish your event. These top websites can help you promote your events and get more people to notice.