The Ultimate Guide to Event Branding

event branding

What makes an event “must-attend”? What is the secret to getting your attendees to come back again and again?

Event branding can be a smart way for you to stand out if your budget isn’t big enough to hire celebrities or pay extra to have them speak at your event.

First, let’s clarify what event branding is.

Branding goes beyond your logo and catchy tagline. This is why we think safety Volvo, but not Honda; and how TED Conference became known for innovative. Your event brand helps guests to have a simplified way of thinking about products and experiences. They will remember later when a lightbulb goes off that says “oh yeah, that’s X company”

What is event branding?  What font is used on banners? Swag bags?

An event branding strategy is made up of many elements. The more memorable your event is, the more easily it can be identified. Your event brand should be representative of your organization. However, it can and should be its own brand.

People may view your nonprofit as a noble cause. That’s your brand. You want people to see your fundraiser as an entertaining, memorable event. With a twist, your event brand should include your company’s logo.

It’s a formula. Your event brand is your brand with a twist

Branding elements

The brand of an event is not one thing. It’s a mix of small and large details that make it memorable and special. These are some ideas to help bring your brand to life at an event.

  • Your logo can be used as decor. Although your event is much more than just your logo, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate it into unique ways. You can use your logo as decor: Use balloons, napkins or a statement wall.
  • You can brand any edible item for your foodie fans with customized snacks. You could also offer special cocktails or stir sticks that feature your logo.
  • The little things make a big difference. Add some swag to your collection with branded pens and shirts, notebooks and stickers.
  • Social: Create your own hashtag to track likes, shares and retweets

What makes an event brand so great? How can you make your brand resonate with attendees? Let’s first look at what essential characteristics your brand should possess.

Four pillars that make an event brand strong

One word or phrase can sum up a successful brand: the brand promise. Your event must promise attendees the best value. All events should do this, regardless of their brand. The brand promise is an assertion that outlines what attendees (or customers) can expect from you.

When you think about your event brand promise make sure it has most of these qualities.

  1. Unique: Your brand promise should be different from all others. Your event should be unique. Potential attendees want to see how it compares to other events. It’s obvious that your event must promise something other than what they can.
  2. Relevant: Your brand promise must be meaningful to attendees in order to connect with them. To create a memorable brand experience, you must first understand your customer.
  3. Authenticity: Brands are constantly being evaluated against authenticity. Trust and credibility can only be earned if you are true to your brand and yourself. Eventalways Creative Director David Scott said that inauthenticity is one the biggest detractors to brand relationships. “Your audience will sense when you are faking it.”
  4. Consistent: Consistency will be the final piece of the puzzle. Every detail, from the event website to the after-event survey, must be consistent with your brand promise.

The brand pyramid

It can be difficult to distill your event promise. It can be difficult to distill your event promise. Many events focus on sponsors and speakers but fail to address the emotional benefits. This is why it’s so important. Gallup’s “Customer Satisfaction doesn’t Count” published a report that stated that customers who are emotionally connected to a brand are:

  • Three times more likely to recommend
  • Repurchases are 3 times more likely
  • It is less likely that you shop around

The brand pyramid is a tool that can help you overcome the challenges.

Brand experience: The art of branding

If you don’t keep your promise, it is worthless. Once you have carefully communicated your brand promise, attendees will expect you to keep it.

Every interaction with attendees is an opportunity for you to promote your event’s brand. You will build long-lasting relationships with your attendees by sweating the small details.