Top 5 mistakes event marketing planners must avoid

Event planners are familiar with the fact that the success of an event is determined in large part by its marketing. Event planning itself comes up with a list of things that need to be covered and kept ready prior to the event being held. From event management to event marketing everything needs to be managed as planned. The major role is played by the event planner to keep all these functions work and get executed as planned.

Due to the fact that there is a long to-do list of the event conducted and it eventually carries large manpower to do so. In such cases, there might be a particular function gets lesser focus, which leads to committing a mistake.

So, in order to make your next event a success, make sure you avoid these top marketing mistakes listed in the below article –

1) Neglecting the pre-event marketing process-

  • The event that has been organized for the audience has so many options and choices to opt for. Do not let them distract towards other event platforms. There is a list of events conducted in the market place and so is the number of your competitors.
  • So with proper good results with a marketing strategy is the only way to stick to the audience not let your audience look out for subordinate option for the same event.

2) Throwing an impression doesn’t raise the ROI of the campaign 

  • Focusing on fixing the impression of the brand is not something that the event planner should keep in mind. Although impressions are the important criteria, it eventually hides the fact that it’s the business that is generated by the event.
  • Rather we should focus more on raising the bar of ROI by targeting the right audience or visitors to participate in the various events agenda we conduct and take home the maximum benefit they could receive from the very business events/conference.
  • Being an effective event planner, one should be aware of the fact that it’s the segmentation of the audience which plays a major role after executing the event. It’s necessary to turn the attention of the attendees/visitors who are likely to take an interest in your event planning and agenda.

3) Marketing to the wrong audience-

  • The first rule of Event marketing is to recognize our audience. Even if you are planning any event on a small scale or any huge business conference or trade fair or trade event, make sure the targeted audience is informed in a detailed way prior to the event.
  • Make sure that the invitations or the registrations of the event are creatively promoted and received by our audience. Don’t forget to give out flyers, set up advertising banners about the event and do not forget to promote creatively on social media as well.

4) Marketing to the wrong audience-

  • Being part of the campaign, we naturally focus more on our working patterns and planning. But don’t you find it necessary to look upon other marketing channels to diversify your marketing strategies. One must always think of smarter ways to enhance the potential of our campaign. Event marketing requires diversification for further progress and development.
  • The main idea to work on multi-channel marketing is that when you start promoting your campaign on all the potential platforms it makes you reach the maximum number of audiences than sticking to the regular audience who already is a participant of our campaign.
  • Processing through the many platforms you decide to promote, you get a clear vision of the various channels that are competitive and challenging.  It helps you reach the new audience at the right time.
  • People nowadays are so used to mobile phones and technology and that itself is the best medium to channelize our marketing skills for the event. Social channels, mobile apps, newsletters, websites, custom ads: you can leverage many different channels to enhance the visibility of the event. 

5) Not keeping up with the power of technological-

  • The easiest and most powerful way to reach out to your potential attendees is via technology because technology nowadays is the best medium to reach to the people. Your competitors are also using advanced technology tools on the parallel side.
  • Technology needs initial investment but eventually, it generates the procedure and makes it more effective and accurate. Due to several adaptions of technology, it will be difficult to stay in the competitive market with the negligence of several useful technologies.
  • You might have heard of the term ’ tech-savvy’ which simply means that you should be technologically aware in order to be a successful event planner.
  • From event marketing to event operations, event planning needs to focus on the attendees through an experiential approach. Event technology makes this task both effortless and accurate. In fact, Event apps enhance the branding of the event. Attendees are able to access the event updates right from their smartphone.
  • Technology gives out the answer to all your questions regarding Event Marketing and the one who knows how to use it for the benefit of our marketing than nothing will stop your way to make your event to the next level.