Impact Of Coronavirus On Event Industry

Coronavirus Disease

The Coronavirus is a growing global public health threat that will have universal consequences throughout the events industry. WHO clarifies us that Coronavirus (CoV) comprises of several numbers of infectious viruses that lead to sickness rising out of the normal virus. Fever, hack, severe breathing complications are the major symptoms of this case. Tightness in the chest is another such symptom which was discovered due to this infection. The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak has been experienced by many business sectors, but there are immediate and sudden consequences we are already observing in the event industry.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak erupted, there has been a subtle change in the etiquette at conferences, some delegates have dropped the handshake as a greeting in favour of knocking elbows. Here are a few impacts on events and what planners can do to mitigate such risks.


As the number of Coronavirus cases has been raising vividly in the countries of U.S, U.K and across the globe, some of the event organizers have already faced and are struggling through the risk of it. Coronavirus cases were taken more into consideration when WHO declared it as a Global Medical Emergency.


Let’s consider the health and safety of our members first and then about the event or any other conference. The entire working structure of the event industry totally depends on one on one conversations. Since Coronavirus can spread from human to human, events have become vulnerable due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. This effect is progressively significant in the case of global events and it may also impact on the attendees over the globe.

Events are either being cancelled or postponed. However, event organizers around the world are taking possible precautions to ensure safety and minimize risk to visitors. Many business events of national or international companies working on either small or large scale basis were cancelled/delayed due to this viral outbreak.

So from the discussion so far, we are just hoping that everyone just follows safety measures for yourself and take extra care to fight against this infection. A group of people can come together and fight against this global emergency with preventive measures to fight against this. Events are brought to an execution level when people come together to talk face to face and share ideas about it. So expecting from all the event organizers to be vigilant and alert since event brings people coming together with its business ideas. Therefore, taking into consideration this serious crisis and taking corrective measures is what we can do.