Top Event Planning Apps

Event Planning Apps

There are many apps that will save you time and make your event planning easier. We’ve broken them down into different use cases.

The top event planning apps

Apps for event planners

1. Super Planner

What is it? A business application for professional event planners. It includes calculators that calculate venue capacity, catering, staffing, staging, projection, and dance floor.

Cost: $9.99

2. Eventalways

What it is: A platform to create an event, promote it, and sell tickets. It doubles as a social network, so people can discover and share events that match their passions.

Cost: Free

3. Social Tables Check-In

What is it: The check in app offers a quick, professional, and secure option to Excel or paper guest lists. The web-based, event diagramming app makes it easy to seat and plan in 2D and 3D.

Price: No Charge, with a monthly service price

4. Certain Arrive

What it is: Formerly called Check-In Easy, the app allows you to quickly register guests, manage them, and even check-in.

Price: Free with per-attendee pricing

5. Zkipster

What is it: Zkipster, a guest-list management application, is designed to make simple invitations online and allow for seamless check-in.

Price: Free, with a small service fee per event

6. MagicPlan

This app is what it does: When you go on site visits, open this app. It will take photos and automatically draw a floor plan.

Price: No Cost

Event planners can use audio, video and photo apps

7. Decibel Ultra

What is it: An application that measures volume and compares it with a benchmark. This is particularly important if your event takes place in a location that has noise restrictions.

Price: Free

8. AudioTools

What is it? A suite of high-quality audio and acoustic analysis software. You’ll be able to appreciate the variety of features, including an SPL, RTA and FFT, Speaker Polarity Tests, Generator, Audio Scopes, CLF Viewer and Recorder if you are familiar with A/V systems.

Cost: $19.99

9. Spotify

What is it? A music streaming app that allows you to create your own playlists and listen free of charge. We recommend that you upgrade to Spotify Premium for events to remove ads.

Price: Premium plans start at $9.99

Apps for connecting with event attendees

10. CrowdCompass AttendeeHub

This app is for events that have multiple agenda options. It helps attendees navigate conferences, trade shows, and conventions. It allows guests to quickly discover what interests them, plan their experience and connect with other attendees.

No Cost

11. Slido

What is it: An interative app which allows users to ask questions, vote in surveys, and much more from their phones. You will then have access to all analytics.

Download No cost, many pricing options

Popular project management software

12. Podio

What is it? A work management platform that allows you to build custom project management systems based on your processes and workflows.

Cost: No Charge, but additional features and team members may incur charges

13. Basecamp

It is a project management app that has been used by nearly 3,000,000 businesses. It has many features such as group communication, assigning tasks and setting deadlines. This is a great option for large event planning groups.

Free: Cost

Apps for communication that are popular

14. HeyTell

What is it: If you ever wanted your phone to work like a walkie talkie, this app is for you. It can be downloaded by your entire staff for instant communication even at crowded events.

No Cost

15. Dropbox

What is it: Dropbox allows you to upload any image, doc, or video to the cloud. This allows you to share files with your team members and access documents from anywhere, even during an event.

Cost: No Charge, but additional storage charges may apply

16. Google Drive

What is it: Google Drive, a cloud storage application, is similar to Dropbox. Share your files with your team, track your edits and have access to them from anywhere.

Free: Cost

17. Evernote

What is it: Capture all your photos, to-do lists and notes in an intuitive note-taking application. You can access your notes on any device, from anywhere.

No Cost

Apps for event planners

18. The Weather Channel

What is it: A weather application that’s more precise and detailed than the one in your phone. It also provides ultra-local forecasting for up to 150 minutes. This app will help you keep track of what’s happening, as a sudden change in the weather can make or break an event.

No Cost

19. CamCard Free

The app scans business cards to save the information instantly to your contacts. You can also share your information digitally if you don’t have enough business cards.

No Cost

20. Square Register

What is it: This mobile POS allows you to accept credit card payments at events.

Price: No Charge, Square takes small percentages of each transaction