2022 Resolutions For Event Planners

Event Planners

By taking a break, we can plan better and more effectively for the future. Even though life is unpredictable in many aspects, having a plan will help you keep on track and achieve your goals. You can set goals and outline the steps that will help you reach them.

  • Create a vision for success for your team
  • Learn what factors are likely to work together and what might go wrong.
  • To be profitable or break even, you must understand the numbers.
  • Communicate your event requirements easily within your company

We have 10 New Resolutions for event planners that will help to reinvent the way they plan events, no matter if you are just starting out or looking to refresh your knowledge.

10 New Years Resolutions for Event Planners

1. Facilitate Event Registration

Over the years, the event industry has made registration easier. Event professionals have used many new methods in this area. The majority of these techniques have produced positive results. Online registration has been made possible by digitalisation, which allows for secure online payments and online registration. These activities result in badges. Registration counters do not have to be about frustrated attendees or long queues.

We can expect to see smoother registrations in 2022 with the introduction of new technologies such as “Facial Recognition”. To streamline registration, organizers should consider positive modifications.

2. Get new skills

In 2020, virtual events became a popular alternative to in-person conferences. To make their space more accessible during the pandemic, many venues explored virtual and hybrid options. The viability of virtual events and hybrid events is increasing with each passing day.

Hybrid events are a challenge to the industry, just like the previous two years. Hybrid events continue to be a challenge for a group that has spent so much of its existence focusing on building relationships and bringing people together. Planners need to learn new skills to manage virtual and hybrid events. 2022 will be the year that planners can improve their digital skills and work with vendors to support their events and keep their audience engaged.

3. Embrace New Technology

While most event professionals are familiar with the latest technologies, there are still some event professionals who are not. Event technology is essential for face-to-face meetings to be successful.

2022 is all about reflection and positive change for event professionals who have not kept up to date with industry practices. Event planning can be both efficient and time-saving when it is done correctly. Event engagement and planning become easier and more efficient.

4. More Sellable Events

Events professionals should look to 2022 to make their events more attractive. It is easier to get sponsors for these events with the advent of face-to face meetings. Without strategic planning, it becomes more difficult to attract sponsors. Event planners can do a lot to market their event to potential sponsors. Event organizers can use event app to build a community and attract sponsors. Event organizers can also offer charging stations and networking areas to enhance the event’s atmosphere.

5. Expand Network

People who excel at networking are often the most successful in today’s world. They are keen to grow beyond their existing network and want to take advantage of the huge digital potential of event listing websites.

Event professionals can look forward to global community platforms in 2022. This will allow them to expand their networks on a large scale. This facilitates niche-industry networking and allows event organizers to easily build a community of like-minded professionals.

6. Leverage Hybridization

Hybrid events are the future, in line with technology. Simultaneous activations will be more common as we transition from digital-only activation to physical-only activation.

Many event organizers were asking themselves, “How do I translate this event to cyberspace?” In 2021, events will be created with one foot in digital and one in the real world. To get things done, you will need to combine the expertise of experienced event organizers with the digital strategists around the globe.

7. Make better decisions

Event analytics has made decision-making more rational. Event analytics will change with further innovation in artificial intelligence and more refined data. In the next year, event organizers must resolve to make better decisions backed up by reliable data.

8. Gamification at the Next Level

Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics or game designs at events. You can increase footfall, engage visitors, and enhance the experience by incorporating a gaming element to an exhibition stand or live event.

Research how gamification can help you attract audiences to your event. It is an easy, but very effective way to make your company stand out at the next one. You may have heard of gamification, but you might not be familiar with the benefits. Gamification could revolutionize your event experience in 2022.

9. Learn more about the Event Planning Industry

If you are well-versed in the current trends in the event industry, it is easier to stay up to date with relevant information. It’s possible that your event management website has been updated in recent times, which could result in more traffic.

To stay up-to-date with news and events, add blogs to your bookmarks. This helps event organizers make events more enjoyable and makes them more efficient.

10. Reduce redundant Spreadsheets

We have all been there. What started as one “mastersheet” suddenly becomes a collection of files so diverse that you don’t know which one is current. This year, look for ways to improve the efficiency of your team.

Technology has become an important support system for virtual and face-to-face meetings over the past few years. This technology allows event organizers to manage the event more efficiently and creates an unforgettable event experience for attendees. The event industry is open to new challenges and new opportunities in the new year.

Hope these 10 New Resolutions for event planners will help you!