What Is a Hybrid Event & How Can It Help You?

Hybrid Event

You’ve likely heard the term hybrid event at least once in the past year. Although it may sound complicated, this term refers to a simple concept. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid events have grown in popularity since 2020. They allow companies to host popular events even when there are gathering restrictions. What is a hybrid event? How do you create one? We can help.

What is a Hybrid Event and how can it help you?

Hybrid is a combination of two elements.

  • A hybrid event is a combination of an onsite element and a virtual element.
  • It’s basically a combination of a traditional event, such as a conference or trade show, and an online format.

You have probably been to a variety of hybrid events before.

Meaning of Hybrid Events

  • You can have two different types of events at once with a hybrid event. This allows you to offer a unique experience for your attendees (an online audience or an in-person audience).
  • It is not just streaming an event on the internet, although that is possible. A hybrid event is one that allows people to connect in person and also allows for online viewers to tune in.
  • The content is generally the same or very similar in both formats. It is possible to have exclusive elements in person and online.
  • These events can have a high production quality, or they can be hosted via a streaming site.
  • Hybrid events can be accessed by audiences as they allow them to attend in whatever way they like and make connections through at minimum two avenues (online or in-person).

What is a Hybrid Event?

  • A hybrid event is hosted by a company and event management team. Support staff such as videographer, event organizer and emcee are also involved.
  • Hybrid events are most successful when they are well attended. It is important to have enough people online and in person.
  • The event organizers will need to decide on the event type (will it take place at a trade fair or conference? The event’s dates and times, how each format will work, the online event management platform, how to sell tickets and other post-event strategies are all important considerations.
  • Most hybrid events have presenters. They can either submit a request for a presentation at a session, or they may be asked by the organizers to present as a general or keynote speaker. There are often sponsorship opportunities or partnerships available to help increase funding.

Example of hybrid events

Hybrid events are a combination of live streaming and in-person events. These are just two examples of hybrid events:

  • Apple Hybrid Events : Apple uses a hybrid format to launch its products for some time. The entire presentation is streamed online to a worldwide audience. This allows industry professionals, tech enthusiasts, media and media experts to view the presentation live from any location in the world.

How do you create a hybrid event?

It is not easy to create a hybrid event. You must be able to host two events simultaneously. You are effectively running two events at once. Prepare for both on-site and virtual IT support personnel. These are the basics of a hybrid strategy.

  • Create an event theme, topic or genre
  • Select a time frame for your event (events can be held over multiple days or weekenders, or in an individual way)
  • Find some keynote speakers and presenters
  • Plan your Marketing Strategy (including when speakers will be announced and ticket sales)
  • Protect your ticketing platform
  • Locate a venue and vendors
  • Search for sponsors and partners
  • Get a hybrid platform to stream the event

There are many small steps you can take but it is important to plan every aspect of your event in order to make it a success.

How to host a hybrid event

  • Ensure that event planners and event managers are available for your event.
  • A host will be needed to coordinate the schedule. Point people should also be available to help if there are any problems.
  • Practice with your presenters and your event hosting team to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Sending out pre-event materials to attendees and presenters is also important so they are familiar with how to access the online site as well as the in-person website.

Hybrid Event Ideas

The details of a hybrid event are determined by your goals. If you plan to run a hybrid event for lead generation, you will need to ensure that the event is set up for lead capture, and, if necessary, lead scoring.

  • Your event’s format, agenda, content and tools should all be in line with your event goal.
  • Your metrics will be all in one place by requiring registration, ticketing through an event management platform, then using the same system to host streaming.
  • A product launch or a student recruitment event could be an option.
  • You should include unique virtual events to engage the audience in the online format.
  • Events can be used to promote everything, from growth acceleration up to community building.

Top Hybrid Event Gamification Tips

Fun elements are important for hybrid events. They increase attendee engagement, foster networking, and facilitate networking. For your event content, think hybrid event gaming ideas such as:

  • Rewards your virtual audience by giving them points for certain actions, such as liking posts on social media, being punctual, or taking part in polls
  • Promoting competition between the online audience and the guests at an event venue
  • Social media posting and hashtagging the event
  • We came up with a game that could be enjoyed by both virtual and in-person attendees (like racing remote-controlled cars). 
  • VR and AR are now available for both in-person attendees and online visitors.

Hybrid Event Best Practices

It is not easy to run a hybrid event. These best practices will make your hybrid event a success.

  1. Be prepared for delays
  2. Be open to changes
  3. Please be aware of the functionalities that are available online and on-site
  4. Make timeliness priority
  5. Promote networking opportunities
  6. Keep your budget in mind
  7. Connect everything to analytics for future success in marketing!
  8. Have fun!

Although a hybrid event is stressful, it’s not impossible to have some fun.

Tips for a successful Hybrid Event

There are many ways to make a hybrid event successful.

  • Think of your hybrid event as a advertising campaign. Target specific audience segments, including primary, secondary and tertiary. You should also consider how to engage after the event.
  • How do attendees register for the event. Each type of audience will have its own registration pathway and marketing path. You can meet your audience to guide them to your registration page.
  • Make sure that all vendors and sponsors have clearly signed contracts and that they are appropriate for our event as well as our audience. Sponsorship and content that is not in line with your event’s goals can send mixed signals and hinder its potential.

Why Hybrid Events are Valuable

Hybrid events allow for more people to attend your event, and you can connect with those who cannot attend. Hybrid events also save on travel costs, which can help to reduce the environmental impact of your attendees. Hybrid events are:

  • Increase ROI: Virtual Access can be purchased for a fraction the price of an in-person ticket, allowing more people to participate. These presentations and speaker sessions can also be used to promote the event, which reduces marketing costs.
  • Provides Useful Audience Information: Virtual Event Components provide exceptional attendee engagement metrics which can be used to analyse behaviour and improve future events.
  • Increase Reach There are many barriers to attendance such as travel, timing, cost and so on. Online attendance removes many of these obstacles and allows the event to be seen by a wider audience.

Hybrid events will be the future. They will enable more people to connect with your brand over the next few years. Hybrid events are a great way to market your brand, including brand awareness and growth generation.

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