How to promote an event venue: A guide for event planners

Event Venue

When planning an event, the first thing to do is choose a venue. It is important to have many options and to promote the venue properly. Let’s find out how to promote an event venue that will make you successful.

Why promote your event?

Social media content creation is easier when event venues are always promoting or featuring something new. Modern events are transformative and dynamic. They adapt to the needs and wants of attendees to ensure that they provide the best event experience. Your venue marketing efforts should include a strong social presence that promotes your space. Great venues create social assets that allow you to tell your story better through events and engage the crowd.

Promoting your event

After you have found the right venue for your client, its budget and requirements, you need to market it to make it a success. A well-planned marketing strategy for your event venue can help you increase satisfaction among your attendees.

There are many great ways to promote event venues

Social media

Social media is still one of the most cost-effective and effective ways to promote an event go viral and increase ticket sales.


Name your event, think of keywords that are relevant to your brand, decide on a budget and revenue target, select social media platforms, and market it.

Pros & Cons

Social media is a key component of many businesses, as it allows for storytelling. It’s not appropriate for certain governmental or other high-status venues.


You must think about your audience and what motivates them to visit your venue when advertising it on social media. You should create a hashtag that is unique to your event venue so it can be used across all social media platforms.

Register on directories and build an online community

Pay for content and collaborate with top bloggers, opinion leaders and other relevant people in the industry. You can build a community around an event by sharing photos and videos of it with your friends, family, and followers. This will make the venue more attractive.


Include your space in brochures and other printed materials to make it easy for media representatives and partners to find you. Reach out to them directly and invite them to view the space.

Pros & Cons

Promoting events in B2B is possible with the help of online communities. It is often overlooked by marketers who rely on other methods to promote their venues, which are typically faster.


Your venue will be proud of you if you use top-quality event technologies, products or services. Answer all questions, and take care of any complaints or objections. To showcase your achievements, network and exchange business cards.


Promote an event space by contacting media creating media coverage and inviting media professionals, influencers, politicians etc.


Media partnerships can be organized, press releases created and published, and your venue’s capacity shown to the media.

Pros & Cons

Some venues might prohibit video and photo taking, have inconvenient spaces, or are unable to handle both media professionals and attendees. You can still hold a press conference at the venue after the event to promote the next one.


You can network, host dinners and organise open door events.


You’re losing potential sales if you don’t invest in search engine optimization (SEO). For event websites, it is crucial to show up in Google searches.


Analyze your competition, select tactical keywords, localise SEO efforts, pick a domain name, write great content and build strong relationships to draw links. You can boost your attendance by creating a personal website or using a blog to promote your business venue.

Pros & Cons

SEO is completely free and comes from organic sources. SEO is not enough to promote enterprise venues. Large-scale events need to use paid promotion.


You must encourage people to sign up for your event and attend it. To achieve this, you can use keyword and event promotion tools to create an effective SEO strategy for event venue promotion .

Show your location photos/video & offer virtual tour

Virtual tours in 3D are the best way to showcase the space you have chosen for your event.


You can use an venue map and an event sitting plan to show how your space looks during any type of event.

Pros & Cons

Virtual tours can be a great tool for business owners in this rapidly changing industry. Virtual tours are a great alternative to traditional travel if you don’t have the funds, time or means to go there.


Consider where your guests will be placed when planning the layout. You should decide how to divide the space if it is a large empty space. You should find a balance between empty and furnished spaces.

When is it time to start promotion?

Before you start looking for the right venue, it is important to define the following details: the event’s budget, number of guests, format and type. After you have chosen the venue, start marketing the event.

Creating and marketing strategy

Direct selling principles can be used to market event venues if you don’t have the budget to advertise. A marketing strategy is the first step for every marketer.

  • Do initial research.
  • Analyse the situation.
  • Analyse the event organization.
  • Analyse market.
  • Promote the venue

Good promotion strategies build brand awareness while also building strong relationships with your event attendees.


To market your event venue, create the best promotion conditions and use basic promotional tools to create an event that is beautiful and will grab attention from the moment visitors arrive. We can help you with any type of event, no matter what it is!