Top Mice Events You Must Attend In 2022

Mice Events

What is MICE?

MICE stands for meetings incentivised conferences and exhibitions. As alternatives to MICE, “meetings industry”, and “events sector” have gained popularity in recent years.

Because every industry hosts events, it makes up a large part of global business travel. This is where the main objective lies: to bring together professionals, foster connections and promote new ideas.

MICE traditionally refers to mostly business events. MICE does not include entertainment events such as concerts and festivals. Many event organisers add leisure to large events to make them more memorable and engage attendees.

Take a closer look at the four pillars that make up MICE

The MICE sector consists of four major event types, including meetings, incentives and conferences.

The vast majority of these events were held in person. The trend to move smaller gatherings to virtual spaces has increased in recent years. COVID-19 has made a significant impact on the MICE industry, as it has fueled a surge in demand for hybrid and virtual events.

The four pillars are largely unchanged. Let’s take another look at them.


Meetings are typically a one-day event that is held in convention centres or hotel conference rooms. Meetings can be small groups of senior executives or larger gatherings such as annual shareholder meetings.

This is a meeting that brings together people from different industries, companies, and projects to discuss challenges, plan, and reach goals. The catering is usually simple, and entertainment programs are rare.


Conferences can be described as huge meetings. Conferences can last longer than one day, and they can be larger or smaller than regular meetings. However, they are more popular than regular meetings. Conferences, like incentives, can look different depending on who is organizing them and what industry they are in.

Conferences can include any of the following:

  • Panels: A group composed of experts who discuss a topic and present new findings. Moderators ask questions and ensure that the discussion flows smoothly. They may also take questions from the audience.
  • Presentations: Senior leaders might present the most recent successes and results at a company conference. Public industry conferences may have thought leaders invited to speak as guests. Many presentations rely on slides, props, and other visual elements.
  • Speeches: Also known as keynotes, speeches are often used to mark the start or end of a conference. Sometimes, it is the host or organizer welcoming attendees or thanking them for coming. Sometimes, an industry leader might address a critical issue and offer solutions.
  • Discussions: They may be part of a group. This is where a small group speaks on a topic and the audience listens. Breakout rooms are used by some organizers to encourage active discussion among small groups of attendees.
  • Workshops: A small group of people works on a particular problem or studies a topic. This is a great way for attendees to have an interactive learning experience.

Conferences’ purpose can vary, but they are usually meant to solve problems in an industry or business. This includes sharing new ideas and research. Networking and team-building are also important.


Exhibitions, also known as trade shows or exhibitions are large events that attract thousands of people and exhibitors from all over the globe. Exhibitions can last from a few days up to a week. Exhibitions are often industry-specific and target a specific market.

Exhibitors attend trade shows to promote their products or services, generate business and connect with potential and existing partners. Professionals in the industry go to trade shows to build relationships, find new clients, jobs, and solve problems.

Exhibitions can have a variety of common activities, including one, a mixture of, or all of these activities.

  • Networking events: Trade shows frequently host networking parties for members of their subgroups. This is a great way to meet potential partners and discuss collaborations as well as exchange ideas on current trends.
  • Awards: The award show recognizes industry leaders and honors them for their achievements. The event also provides a great marketing and PR boost to the winners. It’s worth looking at the nominees even if you don’t win an award.
  • The trade shows are keen to encourage growth and innovation within their industry. There’s often an event specifically for business pitches. This is a great opportunity for start-ups and investors to get visibility, funding, clients, or job applicants.

Top Upcoming Events For Startups

Below is a list of the 10 most popular MICE events in 2022. The event list is determined by many factors, including audience reach, international outlook, ratings, format, and format. Without further delay, let’s get to it:

1. Annual MICE India and Luxury Travel Congress

Venue: Mumbai, India

Date: 13-14 Jul 2022

MICE India and Luxury Travel Congress continue to be the country’s most important event. It provides a platform for associations and companies to meet with top corporations, large production houses, travel agents, destination wedding planners, and other leading organizations.

2. Meetings & Incentive Travel Agency Challenge

Location: The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, UK

Date: 19-20 Jul 2022

For the Agency Challenge, event planners from UK agencies will team up with technology providers, venues, hotels, and technology providers to create an innovative and insightful environment. This networking event will allow you to create memorable events that have an impact on your target audience. Through a mix of business-driven entertainment and well-planned networking, you will learn new skills and establish valuable contacts.

3. Canadian Meetings + Events Expo

Location: Toronto (Canada)

Date: August 16-17, 2022

Canadian Meeting + Events Expo is the longest-running and largest conference and tradeshow in Canada for the event and meeting industry. CME Expo is a conference and tradeshow for event planners, meeting organizers, and conference organizers. Attendees can network with other top planners and suppliers and make lasting connections that will help them advance their careers.

4. IBTM Americas

Venue: Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City, Mexico

Date: 24-25 Aug 2022

The IBTM Americas connects America’s professional community of events and meetings professionals.

5. Business MICE and Luxury Tourism Mart Delhi

Location: The Leela Ambience Hotel, New Delhi (India)

Date: 10-11 September 2022

Business and Luxury Travel Mart Delhi, an exclusive travel market, focuses on MICE and Business + Leisure Travel. Destination sellers and service providers will have the opportunity to meet hundreds corporate MNC buyers as well as meeting planners, incentive travel planners, and other professionals from major cities in India. Meeting face-to-face is key to building long-lasting relationships at BLTM.

6. MICE & Business Traveller Fair

Location: Amare, Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands

Date: 12 Sept 2022

The Event Planner Expo is the leading trade show in the hospitality and event industry. This unique, three-day event is designed to bring together industry professionals from all walks of the business, increase business, and connect them with one another. Expo brings together more than 150 exhibitors and some the most prominent names in event planning all under one roof

7. Asia Incentive Travel & Conventions Meetings

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 20-22 Sep 2022

Attendees will be able meet in person to discuss business opportunities and engage opportunities. Members of the virtual event will have more knowledge and networking opportunities.

8. The Event Planner Expo

Location: New York City, NY – Hybrid

Date: October 11, 13 and 2022

The Event Planner Expo is a leading international trade show for event planners. The three-day event gives attendees the chance to network with like-minded professionals and find business partners. It also allows them to grow their businesses. Expo brings together more than 150 exhibitors and some the most prominent names in event planning all under one roof


After you’ve reviewed the top MICE events for 2022, it is now possible to choose the one that suits your professional needs.