How To Write The Perfect Event Sponsorship Email

Event Sponsorship Email

Let’s face facts: Event sponsorship is a relationship business. To land the best sponsors, it is important to build relationships. Higher quality sponsors are the key to greater sponsorship revenue.

It can be difficult to find the right person to sponsor your event. The secret is to nail the email requesting sponsorship for the event.

Three types of emails that you can use to win event sponsors

You’re most likely to use to reach potential sponsors.

  • Follow-up email
  • The introduction, or “cold” email
  • The meeting request

After you have chosen the right email to sponsor you, you can create a sample letter to request sponsorship for an event. Every email has its own tone and structure. Here’s how you can make each sponsorship email perfect.

Nail the Follow-up Sponsorship Email

Maybe your outreach begins at a business event where you have a chance to meet representatives of your target company. These tips will help you network more effectively and make sure your outreach efforts succeed.

After you have found a potential contact, how do you proceed?

Your in is the person you met at Company X. You don’t need them to make the decision; they can just point you in the right direction. A friendly, concise email should be sent before too much time passes. These event sponsorship email examples will help you get started:

  • Sponsors will be more likely to open your email if you include your subject line. Be concise, clear, and direct. “Meeted you at [event]. “Let’s Connect!” establishes the context for your message, and invites you to continue the relationship. Emailing a referrer is the same: “[Referrer Name] suggested I get in touch span>
  • Mention the connection: It’s important that you give context to your relationship with the sponsor. However, don’t make it a long story. The purpose of your email should briefly mention your mutual connection. Let’s take an example: “I had lunch recently with [referrer] who shared some ideas. It was amazing! Your approach is perfect for the project I am working on.”
  • Ask for their expert opinion. This will show that you value their time and respect their space by being concise. The request is concisely stated in eight words: “Spare fifteen mins to provide your expert feedback?”

Pro tip: Get to know your sponsors before you ask them for sponsorship. They might not be able to accept your pitch if you don’t. This is your chance to get to know the person and ask them for a meeting.

Create an introduction email that cannot be ignored

You may not always feel a connection with potential sponsors. These cases will require you to “go in cold” to write a sponsorship letter to someone you have never met. These tips will help you create an introduction email by following a template for event sponsors.

Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Take your time and gather the information you need to learn about the company. You can easily find the right employee by doing some research on LinkedIn. This tip sheet will help you identify common titles that companies are looking for in employees. This is what you should keep in mind when you email your potential sponsor.

  • Keep it simple and direct: Your goal is for us to have a conversation which will eventually lead to a meeting about the sponsorship opportunity. Your email should be focused on the event’s value and your shared objectives. You are looking for a long-term partnership, not a sponsoring event. You should keep your message to a maximum of three sentences.
  • Get started hot. Your next challenge will be to keep their attention. Don’t be too pushy, and potential sponsors will soon wonder why they opened the email. If you don’t clarify your request, the same thing will happen.
  • Do not “hope you are doing well”. There are better ways of breaking the ice and getting down to business. It’s worth doing some research. To show you are familiar with the work of the recipient, add a few sentences to the email’s opening.

Pro tip: It can be difficult to move from a cold introduction to the decision-maker. The process is valuable. Ask the people you meet about their businesses. By the time you get to the right person, it will be clear what is most important to them.

How do you send a meeting request email that is successful to a sponsor

You’ll eventually get the name and contact information of a decision-maker as you build relationships at your target sponsor company. It’s now time to get a meeting. Make it clear and include a call to action. Ask them to make a commitment.

Don’t close your letter with “Thanks in Advance.” It is a common mistake to thank prospects in advance.

Pro tip: Ask the decision-maker whether they would like to meet. It invites them to say no. Instead, offer them several meeting times and enough information to spark interest.

Example of a Sponsorship Email

After you have secured your sponsor, send an email to all attendees promoting them. It will make your sponsors happy and also help attendees learn about useful products or services at your event.

Yoga in the Field’s example shows how to promote sponsors while still keeping the messaging and imagery relevant to the event. This email can highlight products and services offered by sponsors to enhance your event.

Become a pro at securing event sponsorship

These are the best ways to connect with potential sponsors. Learn how to create a sponsorship pitch deck and get certified in event sponsorship if you are looking to improve your skills and secure sponsorships at your next event. You’ll be able to send event sponsorship emails that are engaging and effective.