These Are The 6 Best Free Ideas And Tools For Event Promotion

Tools for Event Promotion

You have organized an event that is a must-attend. You have chosen a venue and enlisted speakers or performers. Now you need to dial in the details. You’ve also set up your ticketing options.

Now you have to get people to come.

It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive to promote your event. There are many free promotion options that can help you drive sales. These are six things to keep in mind when you promote your event.

Promotional idea #1: Free Event Promotion

There are many events to choose from. To grab their attention, the first step is to give them a memorable name. A name that is right will serve several purposes:

  1. Inspire curiosity and make people want to know more
  2. Don’t just describe your event. Help create an event brand.
  3. Search engines will index your event faster so that people can find it when they search for things.

To describe events to potential attendees and search engines, make sure you include key keywords such as digital marketing, entrepreneurs, or sales.

No cost promotion tip #2: Personalize the URL

The URL of your event page is another way to increase the number people who will find out about it. Search engines consider URL when ranking websites. It is located at the top right of a browser window.

You have many options to customize your URL if you are creating a website for your event. Use as few characters as possible to describe your event in the URL.

Eventalways is a free platform automatically generates an event page for you if you create your event. This page’s URL can be edited via your Event Dashboard.

#3. Personalize your emails to promote an event

Using email in a “proper” way has become a priority with the introduction of GDPR and other global privacy regulations. This means that you must use a legitimate email marketing platform for your messages, one that allows people opt in or out easily.

Many of these platforms offer email personalization. This allows you to speak directly to every recipient in your list of hundreds or thousands. You can, for example, add the recipient’s name to the subject or body of an email.

Eventalways customers have the ability to send customized emails directly through Eventalways. Eventalways integrates with major email marketing providers such as MailChimp and Emma, HubSpot and AWeber.

#4 Free Event Promotion Idea: Create an official Facebook Event

Facebook Events is an effective marketing channel. Facebook’s extensive user data allows it to provide event information to those most likely to be interested. This allows you to reach people who might not otherwise know about your event.

There are many Facebook Events that you can compete with in your news feed. You can get an advantage over the competition by creating your Facebook Event through your Eventalways account. Eventalways and Facebook have partnered to make your Event “official” – allowing you to rank higher.

Eventalways also offers an option to automatically add a button ” Get Tickets” to make registration as simple and straightforward as possible.

No cost promotion tip #5: Get your attendees involved in promoting your event

Your attendees are one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s social media age. Encourage them to share your event by providing engaging content that they are excited to use and to repost. You can create custom hashtags for your event so that people can “join the club” before it happens.

Tip – If you are unsure how to market your event via social media, read How To Promote Your Event on Social Media.

No cost promotion tip #6: Tracking links are a great way to keep track of everything

Tracking your event marketing is an important aspect. You’ll lose momentum if you don’t monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and adjust your strategy as necessary.

You can track links to find out the origins of your ticket buyers. Eventalways allows you to set up tracking links for email marketing, social networking efforts, and any other marketing that you do with sponsors or partners. This will allow you to see which channels are performing well, and which ones need improvement.

After you have put these promotional ideas in place, momentum will build around your event. First, make sure that your event page is ready to sell tickets. Create your next event on Eventalways today.