Ten Ideas to Host a Virtual Music Concert in 2022

Virtual Concert

COVID-19 presented challenges for event organizers all over the world, but the music sector was one of the most pivotal. Artists switched to live streaming concerts and put indefinitely on hold events. Event organizers tested their creativity and came up with innovative virtual concerts that could be enjoyed from a distance in 2021.

Our platform’s creators are responsible for some of our favourite creative shifts. Retired teacher Vito Rinaldo created TOF productions in 2020. This entirely virtual music venue, called “The Tree”, raised $13,000 for charities and artists in its first four months of operation. The Magic Beans, a Denver-based band, moved their annual Beanstalk Music and Mountains Festival into a drive-in theater in 2020 and to a campsite in 2021. Unable to have large gatherings indoors, Joe Lapan retrofitted the event space of his hybrid bar/restaurant/record store, Songbyrd Music House, so he could livestream his artists.

It appears that things will return to normal in 2022, which is a good thing. The number of COVID cases is declining and vaccination rates are increasing. In-person events are becoming more common as mandates across the country have been lifted. Many creators have discovered that hosting online events can be very rewarding. We have compiled a list of 10 ways that creators are updating their virtual concerts in order to keep them running into 2022.

10 Ideas for Virtual Concert

These virtual concert ideas will help you take your show to another level.

1. Offer merch packages

Exclusive merchandise has been a benefit of attending concerts. Even if the concert is online, this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can offer exclusive merchandise such as T-shirts or records to your attendees prior, during, and afterwards the event. Consider a merch bundle or add-on to offer tickets that can be purchased along with tickets. It can be sent to a home address for your audience so they can both enjoy the swag and livestream.

You can offer merchandise at the door if your event is live or virtual. The sales counter will be a great place to browse and purchase souvenirs for the concert.

2. Get your fans excited about related events

Invite ticket holders to other events that are related to your theme, or to the featured musicians to build anticipation for your online concerts. You can host a contest for fan art with prizes such as merchandise or tickets, or organize Karaoke Sessions where fans can perform their favorite covers of your performers’ songs. Participant contests can be held to determine who has the most crowd pleasing song, or who knows the lyrics to the most popular songs. You can offer a virtual meet and greet with the performers for giveaways.

These events are great for selling merch and increasing ticket sales.

3. Make your VIP experience unforgettable

You’re more likely to see the concert if you pay more for your ticket. Premium seating is not an option as everyone will have the same view point to a livestream virtual concert. However, you can still offer your attendees tiered experiences. You can create an exclusive experience with VIP packages at different prices and offer perks such as song requests, virtual meet-andgreets or shout-outs.

4. It can be a series

More concerts mean more ticket sales, and more opportunities to showcase artists. You can choose a theme such as International Women’s Day or Black History Month and then plan a series live virtual concerts featuring a variety of performers. You can allow attendees to keep up with future events by allowing them to follow the series online. Your event will be more like a multi-day music festival with many exciting acts on multiple “stages” online. This will increase the likelihood that your attendees will stay for more than one act.

5. Include more performers

It is possible to bring multiple artists together for a larger event that features smaller sets of performers, such as a virtual music festival. You’ll attract more people if you have multiple artists.

6. Offer unique extras

Virtual concerts can be more convenient than live concerts in many ways. Virtual concert are more convenient than live ones in that attendees don’t need to wait in long lines to get admission or merch, nor do they have the expense of parking, food, drinks, or premium pricing. Online concerts offer a variety of bonus experiences that make it a pleasure to watch from the comfort of your own home. You can add ons such as special cover performances, viewings of music videos, throwback shows of older records, and unplugged virtual events celebrating the anniversary of a song or album.

7. It can be used as a fundraiser

Music is recovering. Why not donate some or all of your profits to a great musical cause? Find out what causes are most appealing to attendees or if performers feel strongly about it and tie it in with the event. This will increase ticket sales and interest.

Contributing profits to charities can have a huge social impact, regardless of whether you are raising money for education, research or social justice. Your organization will do good and concert-goers can feel good about the way they spend their money.

8. Get intimate

Online concert streaming can make it difficult to replicate the intimacy of a live concert. Setting up a Q&A with your performers or behind-the-scenes video content like chatting with the artist, then either streaming it live or taping it to play during intermission, can give your attendees that up-close-and-personal feeling. Your performers may be well-known for their dancing music. Let your guests experience that energy in their own homes by setting up a virtual dance floor.

You can make your event more intimate by combining creativity with the venue space. You can also make it possible to provide space for performers and their equipment. You can transform parking lots into outdoor event spaces. You can make your parking lot a venue for your event by stringing lights and adding artist posters.

9. Chat in real-time

Zoom and Twitch provide chat services that allow attendees to interact with one another while enjoying the music. This is a great feature of live streaming services such as Twitch or Zoom. It won’t disrupt your performers and attendees can choose to listen to the music and minimize the chat.

Participants feel part of the show when they can chat with other participants. Music events are incomplete without sharing the experience with others. It can foster a sense of community which is a welcome thing in today’s world.

10. It can be made into a hybrid event

If space is available and regulations permit, consider hosting a drive-in that can be livestreamed to fans who are unable to attend in person. Eventalways  has seen drive-in events grow by 1,200% and are a great way for attendees to experience an outdoor concert.

You can promote your hybrid event with creative marketing materials. A few safety precautions can help protect the health of both artists and attendees. Talk to the artists before you create a hybrid event. To make the program a success, everyone must agree to the same goals. Include a checklist of safety and health regulations in the ticket packages for your attendees. Check the most recent federal and local guidelines before hosting any event.

Tech tips to make a success

You can create a memorable virtual concert with the right tools and planning. You may be able to stream from a venue with high-quality equipment. It doesn’t matter if the venue has poor equipment, a clear image and excellent sound quality is essential. High-quality video can be captured with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), which can also be controlled remotely. To ensure the best possible performances, you can hire a sound engineer. To avoid any dropped or glitchy wireless signals, make sure you have a strong internet connection.

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