Top 10 Event Management Companies in Mumbai

event management companies mumbai

We all adore those lavish weddings, events, and concerts, right? But how many of us are familiar with the endless number of hours toiled in to turn that event into a glorious one? Right from the catering to organizing various functions at different venues, all of these come under the event management. All the regular planning is to be done so carefully for the main event, and that’s where event management companies step in.

Be it corporate meetings, conferences, office events, festival gatherings, fundraiser events, speech, sports events, etc., all of these activities need the help of event managers.

What if you can imagine a scenario where we don’t have the event management company behind us? Would we be able to enjoy the event? Wouldn’t we be riled up with chores and miss out on the fun factor? The help of an event management company can come in handy in transforming a gathering of people into a successful and fun event.

Here are the top 10 event management companies in Mumbai:   


Wizcraft is one of India’s most successful brand activation and event Management Company. This company has hosted many flagship events such as IIFA. They are well known for their act of trendsetting attitude in the event industry. Wizcraft has several high profile events up their sleeves not just in India but across the world too. This event management company is doing better every year to hoist their creativity globally. It is one of the best event ticketing companies that can offer hassle-free ticketing experience for all the audiences.


This event management group mainly focusses on Media, Communications, Entertainment and a few of the best online events too. Percept specializes in organizing one of the hottest EDM events in India called Sunburn. This company was responsible for organizing the Britannica Filmfare Awards South back in 2015. Percept has made a good name in the event management industry and has won many awards for their skill and intellectual properties.


Tafcon helps many people to host conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. A few of the well-known events organized by Tafcon are Coal beneficiation, Travel tourism, IME, and other government events. Although with a very less online presence on social media and other platforms as a brand themselves, TAFCON has been one of most trusted and well-known event organizing skills in their conferences and all the upcoming events that are planned up their sleeves are promising.


Cineyug is one of the famous event management company in the entertainment industry. Apart from a few of their commercial movie productions, Cineyug also organizes live concerts, arena events and popular award functions like Stardust and Zee Cine Awards. Audiences can easily find things to do around any event that is hosted by them.

Cineyug has been known to be a pioneer in events such as an award, arena events, television shows, and theatre musicals. They have organized functions various events like the TOIFA Awards, Screen Awards, etc. With all their efforts in organizing a few successful events, Cineyug is proud to call themselves as India’s Premier Entertainment Company.


Pegasus Events is one of the famous event management company in Mumbai. It was founded in 2005 and had been delivering significant events since then. They host not only private events but also handle a few splendid brand launch events. Pegasus Events are well known to manage and host Corporate Events. They have delivered great experiences for clients like Barclays, Tata, and Metro, to name a few.

They specialize in various corporate events like conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, to personal events like weddings, signing of books and parties. Pegasus has emerged as a one-stop-shop for all the event management solutions from corporates to individuals.

70 EMG

Seventy Event Management company is a multi-award-winning group that caters international standard events in various fields of Brand Management, Design, and Digital & Retail occasions. This company is here for more than ten years and has been offering out memorable experiences all along the way. This event company group is known to be one of the largest festival organizers. They organize a few of the popular festivals like Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Nokia IndiaFest, and the Goa Fest.

Encompass events

This event management company hosts several state and government events, also a lot of Exhibitions, Conferences and Conventions, sports events and promotions. It is one of the popular event management company in Mumbai and is here to impress. It is a member of WPP Group PLC and brings in some of the innovative and fresh ideas every time. They have gained a lot of awards too lately, namely 4 Cannes, 28 EEMAX, 23 WOW, and 9 PMAA.

Procam Running

This event company is mainly focused ion marathons and sporting events. If you are a marathon runner, you would have heard of Procam Running. They specialize in organizing marathons all over India incorporates like Standard Chartered Mumbai, Airtel Delhi, TCS Bangalore (World 10k) and many more. They are successful with their dedicated running club – Endurunz, which acknowledges and rewards participants’ efforts of running.

Showtime Group

Showtime event management group organizes multiple events for brands to create an everlasting experience. They have gained awards like WOW, PINNACLE, EEMAX and GALA in continuously advancing in their field. This event management company focusses on conferences, roadshows, product launches, books, sports, signature events, college, television and many more corporate events at BMW, Infosys, TAJ, Louis Vuitton to name a few.

WOW Events

WOW Events has a vast experience in events like product launches, music, and comedy. Also they have launched products with stunning success for companies like G five, Hitachi I clean, Jaypee Cement and several others among some big names. They have undertaken a lot of special events like HT city campus fashionista, including The Anoushka Shankar Project and Max Bupa champions league.

All the above event management companies are well-established firms that are providing exceptional experiences in managing and an event successfully. A good event management company handles everything right from event ticket booking to providing everyone with a great experience as they walk out of the exit do