Work From Home? These Tips Can Connect And Build A Remote Team

work from home

As we all are aware and preventing ourselves from the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. This is defining the global crisis in the world. But keeping in contact with the business team is also similarly important. The best way to succeed through this is to stay pre-organized with your day to day schedule for work from home. Also, ask if you find yourself in doubt. Don’t let anything slide through the cracks.
Below are the few tips through which you can get connected and build a remote team:

Tools to connect for meetings –

Ensure everyone has updated technology. It can ensure a smooth connection with each other for meetings, video conferencing and sharing important documents. Below are some popular tools which suit different businesses.

Zoom- useful for videoconferencing
WebEx – for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars
Skype- A communication tool for free calls and chat
GoTo Meeting – for online meetings, video conferencing and web conferencing software
Microsoft Teams – software for teamwork and group chat
Slack – for chat
Google Suite — for spreadsheets, simple docs

Other than this we also have Slack, Skype messenger, and Whatsapp which can deliver relevant space for more social conversations. All these help to reduce pressure on email inboxes. Assure that everyone has up to date contact numbers for all team members.

Also, let everyone update their google calendar to check everyone’s availability. Above applications like Skype and Slack automatically link with your calendar to update your status. Consider setting up a “video on” rule for these meetings to contribute to everyone some face time with each other.

Remember all your consistent social events. Change your weekly morning tea to a video call. Also to give a short break to create an office music playlist on any music app or YouTube and have each team member add a number of songs to the playlist. Leaders should encourage self-care among their employees. As they are mentally trying to fight against the stress of daily updates about COVID-19.

Take a break –

Managers should advocate for Remote employees to exercise, get quality sleep, take showers, and continue on with lives as normally as they can without stressing more than required.

At the end of the day, working at home is no unlike working in the office, and the right setup and mindset will help kick start your productivity. Stay associated with your entire team and try to stay connected with your business socially as well. We missed out on several factors like flexibility, liberty, and opportunities for you to create healthier habits while remaining productive and work from home. Make sure that as an individual you get outside. See people in person when you are able, and follow a personal schedule where you can protect your personal time.

Especially family time is one such thing which we miss out the most during our busy schedules. Sit for dinner and evening routines with family members and conduct a conversation with them rather than being on phone all the time.

Keep doing what you would be doing if you were in the office. You might soon discover remote work as one of the best things for your employees and the organization.